5 South Africa Local Hip Hop Femcee’s To Watch Out For

South Africa Female EmCee’s Female rappers in South African Hip Hop scene are sprouting, and earning some credentials and recognition. They are becoming worthy contender’s within the game. By Good Music Africa Inc. The leading female rappers like Nadia Nakai, Rouge, Gigi Lamayne, Moozlie, Fifi Cooper, Boity, Sho Madjozi and more are paving the way for brand spanking new female rappers on the block and therefore the new wave of female rappers are focused on raising the bar even higher. Women of hip hop previously spoke of the bias treatment they … Read More

Ma-E Answered Critics; on being Oldest Upcoming Rapper In SA

Is Ma-E even an upcoming rapper? The former Teargas star Ezee Hanabe famously referred to as Ma-E has currently been on toasted by a twitter user who expressed how he’s still an upcoming artist at the age of 43. By Good Music Africa Inc. E has been working in climbing charts and getting back to winning awards like they did while in Teargas, unfortunately it hasn’t began to greater heights thus far. Having his solo career not perform as most … Read More

Adekunle Gold drops statement after Simi’s LGBTQ+ apology – See the letter.

After the apology by Simi (Adekunle Gold’s wife) to the LGBTQ+ community, Adekunle Gold has also dropped a press release in response to the backlash that preceded the apology. See the letter. Next Hi Everyone, I’m aware of the commotion online today and wanted te clear some things up. I am not a person who supports any kind of hate, period. I don’t agree with homophobic behavior in any sense, I’m cool with every human being and I love all my fans, regardless … Read More

Artist Booking in Nigeria: Affordable Artist Booking

Artist Booking for Events? Abuja & Lagos… Powered by GoodMusicAfrica.com Who doesn’t enjoy a thrilling live music? The REAL question is – how to book a pop music artists in Nigeria without spending all your budget. There are countless artists in Nigeria to choose from. But if you are on a tight budget, there are few to choose from. For example, $60,000 was the asking price to book Wizkid for a show in Austria. While booking Davido for the same … Read More

Iceprince Zamani Motivates Fans on Twitter

Write your own story Today, August 24, Iceprince Zamani Motivates his Fans on Twitter. As you can see in his quote below. Ice Prince tweeted. “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them! #J2TW #WriteYourStory” – Ice Prince Zamani Just about 8 days ago, Timi Dakolo also wrote 10 words to motivate his fans. I made a comprehensive post about Timi Dakolo 10 point motivation. it’s; very inspiring. In that motivation post. The singer of the … Read More

Adele Refuses to perform at the Super Bowl halftime gig – Read why

The rumors was already famous amongst NFL fans that Adele will gig at the super Bowl LI halftime display, Adele confirms that, she was approached for this NFL gig but she had to say no. “First of all, I’m not doing the Super Bowl,” Adele told an audience during a show, via Variety.com. “I mean, come on, that show is not about music. And I don’t really — I can’t dance or anything like that. They were very kind, they … Read More

Simple But Powerful motivational words from Timi Dakolo Today – Highly Motivation Words

This post is about Powerful motivational words from Timi Dakolo Today. Not to many musicians (around the world, and not Nigerian musicians either) care about their fans, at least not to care this much; to the extent of giving out this caring motivational words to their fans. Timi Dakolo sure would win one or two more fans, who are able to read this post. This Simple But Powerful motivational words are from Timi Dakolo Today; Highly Motivation Words Timi Dakolo: TO … Read More

Local Music Producers Near Me | Lagos.

  Find below the list of Music producers in Lagos Nigeria and their address. And their contact details. Music producers in Lagos are highly sought after — especially the very good ones. The Music producers on our page, are selected here because they have valuable follower ship online. Music studio in Lagos are often busy, depending on the one that suits you, per time. If you want a music studio in Lagos, then get started by browsing the Lagos music … Read More

Expect: Songs of inspiration and Motivation, Songs of Love, Songs of Wisdom, Songs of Worship

To all our music lovers, goodmusicAfrica.com wishes to let you know about this quick and important announcement. We want to let you know what to expect from our music website. Expect Songs of Motivation Expect Songs of Love Expect Songs of Wisdom and most importantly, Expects Songs of Worship No other type of songs outside this themes will be accepted into our music promotion website, and other music promotion platforms that belongs to us. You will find out our reason below. … Read More

Donate GMAf.F

Support Good the Good Music Africa Since 2010 , The Good the Good Music Africa has been championing the vision for #Good Musics in Africa. This missions is born because we believe in the potential and influential power in every piece of music. Hence, we believe that if there exist a dedicated channel for the good musics, then we believe that the people including the younger generation will be affected by the inspirational and motivation that they listen to from … Read More