good music Africa is a Music management and promotion company

…helping you reach a successful music career.

The Beginning

In 2014 a certain lady had just completed a song recording. And this time, she was not willing to ask for plays from friends, nor relatives. She thought there was no prestige in her previous cold music promotion efforts.

So she made up her mind, not to send the song to anyone  personally. Not to appeal to friends, to listen to the new song.

So she decided to put the song online. And let people find it themselves. She set up a website to publish her songs.

That website today, is

Now fast forward; has grown to become one of the top Music management and promotion companies serving worldwide in Africa – (Thanks to the internet).

The Evolution

Aside from the music promotion efforts, began to publish song lyrics. And because of her taste for good songs, a section of the website started publishing hit songs. (Top songs from music artists around the world).

Today, publishes hit songs across different categories and genres. uses music to support the emotions of people. Thanks to effective song curation & leveraging technology.

Today covers various song categories. These include: Love SongsChristian songsSouth Africa songsNigeria songs. No copyright music is also published on the music platform.

Music Management and Promotion Company Online

The Now: What We’ve Achieved

Apart from publishing hit music, informs music artists on music softwares. And relevant tools which will make their music career easier. Artists & songwriters also get recommendations of suitable beats & instrumental.

For quicker referencing, the core services of includes:

For Music Artists:

And For

Non-Music Creators, goodmusicAfrica offers:

The resources on Music Learning on is available to both music artists & non-musicians

You can learn music with us either Offline or Online music learning. The resources include: learn Guitar online, learn Piano, learn how to sing & even connections to prestigious music schools worldwide.

The Potential Future: What We’ll Keep Doing would be expanding on analysis of Biography of Music Artists. This is a way of motivating up coming musicians. Such that they can see through and look beyond the challenges they might be facing in a musical career.

Thus helping today’s upcoming musicians to learn from the success of successful musicians.

Instead of gatekeepers deciding what fans should listen to, now the fans drive what they want to listen to.” Thanks to streaming.

“You are not alone as an independent artists, now you have a reliable music friend”

We Support, We Inspire, We Promote Indie Artists.

Our Vision
“To see indie musicians living successfully and happily, without a record label”

Our Mission Statement
To use our Knowledge and Experience, Skills and Network from the music industry, to: inspire, promote, serve and support 1000 successful indie artist.

“We are in an era of digital music distribution, and consumption. You can become the next superstar Music Artist, irrespective of your location around the world” — Good Music Africa