Ma-E Answered Critics; on being Oldest Upcoming Rapper In SA

Is Ma-E even an upcoming rapper? The former Teargas star Ezee Hanabe famously referred to as Ma-E has currently been on toasted by a twitter user who expressed how he’s still an upcoming artist at the age of 43. By Good Music Africa Inc. E has been working in climbing charts and getting back to winning awards like they did while in Teargas, unfortunately it hasn’t began to greater heights thus far. Having his solo career not perform as most … Read More

South African Songs: “Ifunaya” – “Zakes Bantwini” feat. “J. Martins” Video | Lyrics

(Best South African Songs) Zakes Bantwini – ‘Ifunaya’ feat. J. Martins Bio Data Zakes Bantwini Born: 26 April 1981 (age 38 years), Durban, South Africa Full name: Zakhele Madida Spouse: Nandi Mngoma Music Video: Zakes Bantwini – ‘Ifunaya’ | Zakes Bantwini Albums Love, Light & Music 2 2017 Gospel in Me Concert Vol. 3 2012 Bossa Paris Nights 2018 Mountain Deluxe (Volume 4) 2010 Top Songs | Top Tracks – Zakes Bantwini [yotuwp type=”playlist” id=”PL1x9fohiWnBiNDwlfMBZmSSNF1fNdvxtv” ]

South African Songs: “Jika” – “Mi Casa” Video | SAMAS 20

Best South African Songs: Jika [Official Music Video] | Mi Casa – Jika SAMAS 20 Jika Lyrics – Mi Casa I see you standing over there And I’m wondering, can I, can I I whisper something in your ear Something that you might like, ohh One, you looking good, looking too good yeah Two, I’d make every man in here praise you if I could Come on now, three, is there anyway that we could be, hmm But for now, … Read More

South African Songs: “Respect” – “Lucky Dube’ Video | Lyrics

Lucky Dube – Respect (With Lyrics) Lyrics Respect – Lucky Dube (Best South African Songs)   When you flash that badge You want everyone to shiver When you flash that badge You want everyone to worship you I got no time to worship human kind I only worship the All Mighty Through his prophets I have learned To give respect to everything he created I give love to those who gimme love Love those who gimme war. I love those … Read More

Ifani Milli Lyrics and VIDEO (South African Songs)

(Best South African Songs) Milli – iFani (With Lyrics) “South African Songs”: Lyrics (Milli – iFani) Double up, yes I’m tryna double up Double up, N’dzam’ukwenzi double up Double up, Make my money double up Triple long days just to make my money double If you wanna make a milli First you make a hundred, then you make a thousand, then a hundred thousand Do the same thing till you have, half-a-milli And just before you know it, Boy! you … Read More

South African Songs: “Never Again” — “Prophets of da City” — Lyrics | Album List

(Best South African Songs) Prophets of da City – Never Again (With Lyrics | prophets of da city albums) Lyrics: Prophets of da City – Never Again TRACK TITLE: NEVA AGAIN (released date APRIL 1994) (MADIBA’s Voice……) “Never and Never Again shall it be that this beautiful land shall again experience the oppression of one by another” POC verse 1 x 2( repeat x1) The REVOLUTION was hard Days were dark We made our mark so We better play our … Read More

South African Songs: “Mbube” | “Wimoweh” — Ladysmith Black Mambazo | “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” | Lyrics

Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Mint Juleps The Lion Sleeps Tonight (With Lyrics) Lyrics Mbube (Wimoweh): Ladysmith Black Mambazo (Ladysmith Black Mambazo | Mint Juleps “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”) A family lived close to the jungle At the end of the day they all sit together around the fire They have their supper and relax and talk a little The youngest boy becomes afraid He hears all the sounds of the wild animals in the forest Cheetahs, wolves jackals and lions … Read More

(Best South African Songs) Jeremy Loops – Down South (feat. Motheo Moleko) (Official Video) | With Lyrics | Lyric Video

Jeremy Loops – Down South (feat. Motheo Moleko) (Official Video) | With Lyrics | Lyric Video Edited by: Ewald Hoon Directed by: Jeremy Loops Shot by: Tash Montlake, Rio Allen, Rory Allen, Ben Brown, Chris Rogers, Makhulu Productions, Jeremy Loops Special thanks to my family, friends, and everyone who’s supported me on this journey so far. Like so many people, it took me a long time to find what it is I wanted to do, and I went through all … Read More

Best South African Songs Hugh Masekela – Don t Go Lose It Baby (With Lyrics)

Lyrics Best South African Songs | Hugh Masekela – Don’t Go Lose It Baby Yoakam Dwight Under The Covers Baby Don’t Go (Sonny Bono) She never had a mother, She hardly knew her dad She’s been in town for 18 years, And I’m the only boy she’s had Oh baby don’t go Pretty baby please don’t go I love you so Pretty baby don’t go I never had no money, I bought at the second hand store The way this … Read More