Indie Song Submission & Indie Song Download (Indie Pop Song)

Indie Song Submission Now Indie Artist can submit original indie song to – for a free exposure. Click for Indie Song Submission. Indie Song Download Thanks to indie artists who put in the creative work for people to enjoy new alternative songs. You would get alternative Love music, Indie Pop Song, Indie Gospel songs. If you would like to download latest indies songs now – click for Indie music Download. What does indie song mean? If you’re an upcoming … Read More

Radio Kol Chai Music: by Kol Chai Radio (Radio Kol Chai Music Station)

Radio Kol Chai Music, is a sister station to Radio Kol Chai (more details below) What Is Kol Chai? – Radio Kol Chai The term “Kol Chai” is also known as either “Radio Kol Chai” or “Kol Chai Radio”. It’s an Haredi and National Religious radio station in Israel – established in 1996. The station is based in Bnei Brak, and broadcasts six days a week: not on Shabbat. Radio Kol Chai Broadcasts from Israel (Gush Dan/Center, Jerusalem) Hebrew is … Read More

Coca-cola Taste The Feeling Download

Coca-cola The Coca-Cola Company is one of America’s giant multinational company. A beverage corporation that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Coca-Cola Company has focused interests in production, retailing and marketing of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates & syrups. Coca-cola Company Info Founder Asa Griggs Candler Founded 29 January 1892, Atlanta, Georgia, United States CEO James Quincey (1 May 2017–) Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, United States Revenue 37.27 billion USD (2019) Coca-cola Taste The Feeling In in 2016, Coca-cola made an advertisement song titled: … Read More

Singorama Review Amazon (Not so good!) – See why

A first hand experience of on Singorama Review Amazon What is Singorama itself?Singorama describes itself as an Essential Guide To Singing. By: GMAF (Expert) This means that it is expected to be a crucial, necessary, vital, and indispensable (guide) resource for singing. Singorama describes it as the complete guide to singing like a professional.It is sold by the Services LLC on Amazon. Also, Singorama on Amazon is available instantly for download.This Singorama on Amazon is developed by “Matavirai“. This … Read More

Garageband Tutorial iPhone: Remake Informer Daddy Yankee & Snow

    “Con Calma” (English: “Calmly”) is a song by Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee featuring Canadian rapper Snow. “The single was released on January 24, 2019, by El Cartel Records alongside a music video directed by Marlon Peña. “And filmed in Los Angeles and Toronto, which features a Memoji (Animoji) of Daddy Yankee dancing with a crew. “The track is a reimagination of Snow’s 1992 single “Informer”. The song was written by Daddy Yankee, Snow, Michael Grier, Edmond Leary, … Read More

What Music Software Does Roomie Use? (Melodyne, ProTools etc)

This is for someone who would like to know about what music software does Roomie use?.   (You are not alone on this quest). A couple of people would like to know what tools that Roomie uses to achieve the high level of excellence and speed that he’s known for on his studio recordings. So this post researched what music software Roomie uses? I got answers from various sources — including answer from Roomie himself! I got other sources too — … Read More

Music Video Promo ideas: Official Audio-Video: for video sites

Music Video Promo campaign which will be successful begins with a professional video for your audio song. Have you recorded a song BUT you haven’t produced a video for it? We you should because, you need multiple video expressions to effectively promote your recorded songs? Today’s digital era favours songs that has multiple expressions. Putting out video versions of your song is a strategic leverage which brings attention of people to your audio song. One bad reason why most Independent … Read More

Biography of 9ice + Tips for Artist Growth

A well researched article on the biography of 9ice: A top Nigerian musician. This biography of 9ice covers everything you need to know about 9ice. Get information on 9ice Early career, 9ice’s debut album, 9ice style of music, 9ice Political life, 9ice relationship with women,9ice Discography. It covers 9ice early-career. This biography of 9ice also talks about his sophomore album,  as well as the setbacks to 9ice’s album. Discover all the albums that 9ice has released. This detailed 9ice biography … Read More

The app Shazam: How to use Shazam + Download Shazam

A fundamental article for anyone who is interested in knowing about Shazam. A very precise article that guides you, around the basics of Shazam. The app Shazam helps you to name any song in seconds. Also Shazam calls itself as the world’s most popular way to discover music. First-things-first — so i’m going to cover the following: What is Shazam Benefits of The Shazam App (How to use Shazam) How to shazam a song on Instagram story Download: The App … Read More

Music Producer Schools. Top 12 By Rating. United States

Are you looking for Music Producer Schools That You Can Apply To? – Or You Are Just Researching? – Find Below For 12 Music Producer Schools In The United States.   12 “Music Producer Schools” in the United States. CONTENTS List of “College for music producers” Spokane Falls Community College The Art Institute of Austin American University Scottsdale Community College SAE Institute of Technology-Atlanta Academy of Art University IPR College of Creative Arts Daytona State College Washtenaw Community College Hennepin Technical … Read More

“Sample Rate Problem” and “Error In Pro Tools 12.5”: (Pro tools first tutorial)

  Solve “Sample Rate Problem” and “Error In Pro Tools 12.5” (Pro tools first tutorial)   Hey Pro Tools User, today I’ll show you how to set up “Pro Tools 12.5” with “Focusrite 2i2” — first generation driver. Normally on the Focusrite driver control, there’s only buffer length — with no sample rate settings. Next, “Open Pro Tools HD“. Previously when I started Pro Tools they are default 44 kilowatts, and when I opened 48 or 96 kilowatts, it’s totally … Read More

“Free Music Software” Best Free Music Recording Software

Recording equipment and instruments can be expensive, but your software doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of free alternatives that are feature a lot of powerful and professional tools. In this video, we cover 5 options for free music recording software that work on Windows. All of these programs have strengths and weaknesses, so we hope to help you make the decision on software that works best for you.   Free Music Making Software For Beginners | “Free music … Read More

“Free Music Software” Setting up a DAW and Recording Music with 100% Free Software!

Setting up a DAW and Recording Music with 100% Free Software In this video, I will be testing out an operating system called Linux Ubuntu Studio. Ubuntu Studio comes with free software loaded with everything for audio, video, and graphics work. Thanks to Ubuntu Studio, setting up a Digital Audio Workstation (or DAW) is cheap and easy! There is a learning curve, but the trade-off is a secure system that is very, very reliable. The DAW software is called Ardour5 … Read More

5 Best free “music making software” for music maker (Software free)

About this video In this video, Radio Zane of Simple Green Tech looks at 5 of the best free DAW software available in 2019. If you’re looking for free music making software you should find this video entertaining. Audio production software can cost a lot and if you’re just starting out and on a budget these programs will get you making music quickly and FREE.   The Best Free DAWs On The List Are: Tracktion T7 Cakewalk by Bandlab Pro … Read More

“Free Video Software” The Easiest “Free Video Editing Software”

“Free Video Editing Software”. The Easiest “Free Video Software” The Top 3 best free video editing software (2019). Easiest video editing software free – Easiest Video Editing Software Free Download. There’s no reason to spend a fortune on video editing software for your Mac or PC 5 best free video editing software for windows & macos laptop & computer. Whether you’re just starting out and looking for the best video editing software on windows to start out with you’ve been … Read More

“Free Music Software”: “Best FREE DAW Software” for “Music Production 2019”

  The best free DAW software for music production 2019. Which free DAW is best for the beginner music producer?   In this video I’ll test 15 “free daw software” packages (“Reaper”, “LMMS”, “Soundbridge”, “Garageband”, “T7” and many more), “daw comparison” functionality and see if they are really free. What is the best best music production software for beginners and what free DAW software for the advanced music producer? There are a lot of free music making software out there, … Read More

List of Top 5 “Best FREE DAW Software” For “Music Production”

5 Best “FREE DAW Software For Music Production” Covers free music making software that is REALLY free and REALLY usable. You will find out about the best free DAWs for Windows (PC), Mac & Linux. Not a top 10 ( — that’s crowdy), This is even better — The top 5 of the best free DAWs. that saves you time, and leverage. Well thats not bias — rather its because lot of videos talk about free daws, but most of … Read More

“Music Notation Software” — What’s The Best “Music Notation Software” To Use?

What is the Best “Music Notation Software” to Use? ABOUT THIS VIDEO: So you’ve got a song and you need to write it out onto sheet music. You can go out and buy the notebooks, or you can use music notation software. In this video, Logan Crockett — VP of Marketing at Full Circle Music, gives his top 3 recommendations for the best music notation software — rather than buying the Music Notation Notebooks   The NoteBook – Standard Notation … Read More

“Best Music Software” What Is The Best DAW Software For Music Production And Recording

  Best “DAW Software” For “Music Production And Recording” What Is The Best DAW Software For Music Production And Recording? — This video answers that question, and gives you references and a good starting point. It covers the Best DAW Software for Music Production And Recording. The Author recommended Music GEARS that beginners and professional music creators should find very helpful — Includes: audio interfaces, “Preamps and Channel Strips“, “Consoles/Mixing Control Surfaces“, Microphone & accessories, Headphones, Computers & Storage. They’re … Read More

FL Studio Tutorial | How To Make EMOTIONAL Progressive House

🔥Check out my new Preset Pack: 🔥 ➡️ In this tutorial I will show you how you can make EMOTIONAL Progressive House! I will show you tips for good breaks, drops and buildups! If you enjoyed it, please leave a like and subscribe!:) NOTE: You cannot use any part of this video for your own track. If you do, I will take measures! ———————————————————- ➡️ If you have any suggestions for future videos please put them in the comments below … Read More


flp at 2500 Likes 🙂 #FLStudio #Osheen ❖ These videos are just a “Deconstruction” or “Break Down” of tracks I make and are NOT ACTUALLY MADE IN FEW MINUTES, it took a lot of work. ❖ These videos are not from scratch but it will give you a brief idea on how to replicate the music, patterns and effects. ❖ You can download the FLP to explore even more. ❖ Feel free to use my FLP in your own projects … Read More

FL Studio Tutorial | Top 5 FL Studio tips 2019

#XDizzle #BSC DOWNLOAD DeephouseSample Pack👇 DOWNLOAD Gqom SamplePack👇 Audio GEAR ↓↓↓ Condenser microphone : Audiotechnica AT2020 Headphones : NumarkHF30 Studio Monitors : Samson ResolveSE Lav Mic : Arimic lavalier Video GEAR ↓↓↓ Camera : Sony A5000 Lenses : Canon 50mm f1.8 II Sigma 70-210mm f4 Sony 16-50mm f3.5-f4.5 Webcam : Logitech HD C525 Screen Capture Software : OBS Studio Video Editing Software : Adobe Premier Pro CC For Buisness Email me Twitter:@Xdizzle Instagram:@Xdizzlegram

FL Studio Tutorial | Mix Kick and 808 Like a Pro | FL Studio Tips

👉Get Today’s Template: 👉The Best Trap Sample Pack: Today I will show you so far one of the best mixing tricks for better sounding kick& 808 bass using only Stock VST Plugins. We showed it on a Trap song example, but it can be applied to every genre such as Hip-Hop, RnB, Future House, Progressive House, Dubstep and all kinds of EDM music. It’s easy and should be used in every professional mixdown. Keep in mind that it can be … Read More