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Let me present to you one Happy song for birthday. A clean-&-trendy birthday music that is full of positive words and well wishes; suitable for a birth day.

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Happy song for birthday” means a song with joyful vibes, and has birthday message’ and lyrics. Songs like this would ideally have nice birthday wishes, inspiring words, and well wishes, a song that would make one’s day on a birthday.

There are songs that are specifically dedicated to birthday’s alone. I mean songs that are written for birthdays.

  1. It Is Your Birthday (DANCE REMIX) LekanA 02:26

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday – Photo by geralt

Happy song for birthday’s are few

Majority of the birthday song’ out there are actually not written for birthday’s in mind. People just fit them in. (You can probably find an example already).

Most of those songs don’t have birthday wishes.

They lack those words that you would personally like to send in a birthday message to a celebrant.

Now shifting away from the few happy song’ for birthday, the popular birthday; “Happy birthday to you” is also old / arcade. You most probably know that classic birthday song — that one most of us grew up to know; and mysteriously still around.

Happy birthday song: “Happy birthday to you”

That popular birthday song “Happy birthday to you” has been around for a while. Wikipedia says it was published in 1893, by Songwriter(s) Patty Hill, Mildred J. Hill.

“Happy Birthday to You”, also known as “Happy Birthday”, is a song traditionally sung to celebrate the anniversary of a person’s birth. According to the 1998 Guinness World Records, it is the most recognized song in the English language.


Download: It Is Your Birthday

That classic birthday song is good. Maybe it just doesn’t meet your desire for a “Happy song for birthday” — or does it? — I’m guessing No.

And i’m not surprised if it didn’t
The lyrics is not really deep, however it’s a truly well projected song

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear [name]

Happy birthday to you

Happy song for birthday: for Kids & Adults

Now I’m talking of It is Your Birthday (by Lekana). A trendy birthday song that suits as happy birthday song for kids, and you can also use it as happy birthday song for adults. Kids and adults can relate to It Is Your Birthday (by Lekana) – the birthday song!

Lyrics from It is Your Birthday.

happy song for birthday (happy birthday song for kids and adult)
Happy song for birthday: Joyful birthday lyrics

Lyrics from Happy birthday song: It Is Your Birthday (by Lekana)

Once every year,
we stop to celebrate
we come to jubilate,
‘cuz its your birthday

today is your day
tomorrow is my own
next tomorrow for Sade
that’s the way it goes

Its your birthday
so happy birthday
enjoy the whole day
so happy birthday

it is your birthday
so happy birthday
make sure you have fun
so happy birthday

Full lyrics from the birthday song.

Music player

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  1. It Is Your Birthday (DANCE REMIX) LekanA 02:26

Recommending a joyful birthday song. Carefully written for birthday’s. One that can be used across demographics and geo-locations.

Written with positive words, and filled with amazing birthday wishes.

Lyrics video: happy song for birthday

The lyrics video  helps you learn the song in real time. You can use the lyrics video to sing along. The lyrics of the song is actually easy. The lyrics video only come in handy as a guide.

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Download: It Is Your Birthday

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