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Lekana (born Ola’lekan Alonge) is a Nigerian music artist, who made his first studio recording in 2007. With song titled: Everyone need Some Love.

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Songs by LekanA

Check the music player below for compilation of Lekana’s Singles.

  1. I’m missing you LekanA 3:48
  2. It is your birthday LekanA 03:25
  3. Stay with me (Sam Smith song cover) LekanA 02:53
  4. Everyone need some love Lekana 04:30

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  1. Download Stay With me (Sam Smith Cover song) by Lekana
  2. Download I’m Missing You (I can’t Explain) by Lekana
  3. Download It Is Your Birthday by Lekana
  4. Download Everyone need some love by Lekana


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Artist Bookings|Live performance: LekanA

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With 2 hit songs + 1 pro cover song on his playlist. You get 9 minutes of live music.

  1. It Is Your Birthday: Nigeria trending birthday song on google: The song is written in decent English language. Your audience can sing along easily.
  2. I Can’t Explain (missing you): an evergreen love song. Dedicated to anyone, missing anyone. Suitable song for dinner parties, Hotels and valentine parties.
  3. Stay With Me – Sam Smith Cover: A passionate love song. LekanA brings this live to your audience.

His act of live performance is a classic top notch.

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More information: About Lekana

  1. He is a purpose driven musician, who sings about: motivations, inspiration, love, social awareness, and he worships Jesus Christ in songs too.
  2. Lekana is an Austrian trained Song composer, Vocalist, &Songwriter.
  3. LekanA is founder of Indies Kitchen; A music playground for independent Musicians in Abuja Nigeria.
    (Indies Kitchen work to create demo songs for musicians.It’s more like a professional rehearsal studio. It’s a semi-formal music studio environment, which balances play and music creation.

    Using Indies Kitchen calms your studio anxieties.)

    Interested in visiting Indies Kitchen; then tap your phone to call +2348164837595 or use our Whatsapp chat button on your screen.

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“Music is a powerful tool of influence.

“My mission is to inspire hope with my music, and create positive influence for you.

“I care.