Download Video from YouTube in HD: Step by Step2 min read

(Download Video from YouTube in HD)

This article is a quick guide on how you can successfully Download Video from YouTube in HD, or other lower resolutions.

There are several reasons why you might want to download a YouTube video. A common reason might be because you don’t want to go for the DVD option. You just prefer to keep things digital.

Whatever your reason, this article is got your back; for Downloading Video from YouTube.

Let’s get started!

Download Video YouTube HD: The Steps

  1. Locate the video
  2. Copy the URL of the Video
  3. Paste the URL of the video to
  4. Download! (choose your download resolution)

So let’s go over each step in detail.

Locate the Video: This step requires that you search for the video name, that you would like to download on youtube.

Copy the video URL: The Video URL can be copied from the address bar of your browser. (screenshot below)


the goodmusicAfrica upcoming Song of the Day

  1. I'M MISSING YOU Lekana 3:47

Like it? Download It

Youtube High quality download Video (Copy Video URL from the address bar)


There’s another way by which you can copy the video URL.
Simply right-click on the video, and select copy video URL (screenshot below)


YouTube download Video HD


Paste the URL: After you’ve copied the video URL, you will then go a website called
There you would paste the video URL which you copied from the previous step. (See screenshot below for how to do this)


YouTube download Video HD (Paste the URL)


Download! (Select a download resolution): Depending on the original size from the video uploader — you would be presented with various sizes of the video. It’s up to you to select the resolution that suits you the most.


Youtube HD download Video. Download Select a download resolution



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Please note: If the video does not show up after pasting the URL, then paste it again. If by now it doesn’t show up, then i’m sorry — it suggests that the video has some extra privacy clause.

Westlife songs are highly copyrighted even on YouTube — so you might experience “the download link not found” (Screenshot below)


YouTube download Video HD (Download link not found means the YouTube Video is highly copyrighted)


While making this YouTube HD download video tutorial, I noticed that videos which are uploaded directly to Westlife YouTube channel tend to have the “the download link not found” error the most. — Perhaps all songs uploaded by Westlife have that copyright factor.

Other videos (even, of westlife) — but which are not directly uploaded by Westlife channel works for this download method.


YouTube download Video HD (Videos not directly uploaded by Westlife channel works for this download method)


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If that’s your experience, then you would need to go for a physical DVD. Why not a digital video? — As for digital video option, the web right now, seems to be satisfied with earnings from YouTube Video streams.

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