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The Long Island School Of Music is a private music school which operates in many locations across Long Island, New York.

Long Island School of Music offers private music lessons. Which can be attended from the comfort of the student’s home.

Offers Of Long Island School Of Music

Why Long Island School Of Music Is Worth Your Attention

  • Classes
  • Lectures
  • Camps
  • Concerts
  • Community events at it’s partnership locations.

The music school serves all – including:

  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Adults

As a student of Long Island School Of Music, you have a variety of learning options.

  1. You could learn from your home.
  2. You could learn at a Teachers studio (This is also a private one-on-one lesson)
  3. Learn in a small group (this is done in a small group of 5-7 students), and
  4. Class learning (this is the traditional learning method). That is – learning in classes and workshops with other students

With that above flexibility, it’s clear to see that – at Long Island School of Music, the choice is yours. You determine how you want to learn.

Long Island School Of Music Reviews: What Are People Saying About Them?

Someone said:
“The Long Island School of Music really helped me to develop as a musician.
I’m excited to learn more …”

Another person had this to say:
“The school’s teachers are really great and the staff is very nice!
We’re looking forward to watching our kid’s musical talents grow!”

Long Island School of Music is listed in the Long Island business directory. It’s listed as a Music Lesson in East Northport, New York.

Music Programs At Long Island School Of Music includes:

  • Private Lessons
    • All Instruments and Voice
    • Small Group Lessons
    • All Instruments and Voice
  • Children’s Classes: there children classes offers the following:
    • Piano Adventures
    • Guitar for Kids
    • Guitar for Kids
    • Music Discovery
  • Adult Classes: There adult classes offers:
    • Piano
    • Guitar

Further information about their music programs can be found here.

Opening / Closing Hours:

The music school operate as listed below:

  • Monday 11am–7pm
  • Tuesday 11am–7pm
  • Wednesday 11am–7pm
  • Thursday 11am–7pm
  • Friday 11am–7pm
  • Saturday 11am–7pm
  • Sunday Closed

Quick Disclaimer:
Their Hours or services might change from what’s listed above.

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And I actually found different opening hours on their website. See below:

  • Monday – Thursday: 10am – 8pm
  • Friday – Saturday: 10am – 5pm


  • On Facebook
    They are on Facebook at: fb.com/lischoolofmusic
    634 people like them on Facebook.
  • Via Email
    They can be contacts at: music @ lischoolofmusic.com
  • Telephone: +1 631-489-7700
  • Website: www.lischoolofmusic.com




Top Music Schools (Institutions) In Long Island

Long Island seems to be endowed with a couple of other music schools and music institutions. This includes:

  1. Long Island School of Music: A Private Music Study

    (This is the one we’d covered above)

    • Tel:+1631 489 7700
    • Email: music @ lischoolofmusic.com
    • Web: lischoolofmusic.com
  2. Long Island Studio Of Music

    They offer quality music lessons for all instruments. This is available to you, in the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your home. They teach students of all ages. You can as follows:

    • Tel:+1 646 387 6501
    • Tel:+1 718.809.7116
    • Email: lismlessons @ gmail.com
    • Web: longislandstudioofmusic.com
  3. Department of Music: Long Island University.

    This is from the School of Performing Arts, at the University of Liu Post. They offer a variety of public performances to students. This includes:

    • Undergraduate Programs covers:
      • B.M. in Music Education
      • B.S. in Music
      • B.F.A. in Music Technology, Entrepreneurship & Production
    • Graduate program covers:
      • M.S. in Music Education
        More information about them can be accessed on their website
  4. Long Island Conservatory of Music

    It “consists of internationally trained faculty members. Who have obtained their Master’s and Ph. D. degrees from world-renowned institutions. LICM has become one of the most professionally developed performing music schools on Long Island”. You can contact them as follows:

    • Website: www.licm.edu
    • Tel:+1 516-625-3455
    • Facebook: fb.com/liconservatory
  5. Music Institute of Long Island

    It’s a Premier Music School established in 1990. You can contact them as follow:

    • Website: www.milimusic.com
  6. Great Neck Music Conservatory

    The Conservatory is one of the most renowned music schools on Long Island, NY, near Hicksville. You can contact them as follow:

    • Website: musicconservatoryny.com
  7. New York Musician’s Center

    Described itself as Best Music Academy in Long Island. It offers Music lessons for piano, voice, guitar, violin, viola, cello, and drums. You can also contact them as follow:

    • Website: nymcmusic.com

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