5 Star School For Music: Private Music Lessons In Sunnyvale California3 min read

5 Star School For Music is a Private Music Lessons in Sunnyvale, California and Online

What Music Lessons Are Offered By 5 Star School For Music California?

They offer private One on One for the list below:

  1. Guitar Lessons
  2. Bass Lessons
  3. Drum Lessons
  4. Voice Lessons
  5. Ukulele Lessons
  6. Chapman Stick Lessons

What Music Styles Do They Teach?

The following are taught:

  1. Blues
  2. Classic Rock
  3. Pop
  4. Folk
  5. Funk
  6. Reggae
  7. Jazz
  8. Classical

What Can You Expect To Learn From 5 Star School For Music California?

You can expect them to teach you:

  1. Theory
  2. Technique
  3. Rhythm Development
  4. Improvising
  5. Music Reading
  6. Harmony
  7. Song Writing

5 Star School For Music California

Additional offerings

As at time of writing, they are offering a free 1/2 hours online vocal lesson (hurry while this free lesson lasts).

What’s The Address Of 5 Star School For Music California?

They are located at address: 906 E Arques Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, United States

What’s Their Opening Hours?

Depending on the holidays of the State: (which might affect their opening hours). Below is their standard opening hours.
Open everyday; Monday’s – through Sunday’s.

  1. Monday: 11am–9pm
  2. Tuesday: 11am–9pm
  3. Wednesday: 11am–9pm
  4. Thursday: 11am–9pm
  5. Friday: 11am–9pm
  6. Saturday: 9am–5pm
  7. Sunday: 9am–5pm

Contacting 5 Star School For Music California

  • What Is Their Phone Number?
    +1 408-737-1888
  • What Is Their Facebook Page?
    Visit Facebook page of 5 Star School For Music California
  • What is their website?Their website address is: http://www.5starmusic.comI like what they wrote on their website on playing music together“Playing With Others is What Music is All About Five Star School for Music offers the best Guitar, Bass, Vocal, Drum/Percussion, Ukulele and Chapman Stick teachers in the bay area.
    We are proud to have them as part of our team!”

What Are People Saying? (5 Star School For Music Reviews)

They have a good reputation.

As of writing, they have a review of 4.7/5 – which suggests they have a good reputation.

Below are some reviews that caught my attention – which you might find interesting too.

“I’ve been going to there for 2 years now and studying under Kevin. I can’t say enough good things about my experience. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly.”

“I’ve jammed with musicians at five Star School for Music many times as part of their weekend workshops and individually with Mark working on my keyboard and general musicality.

Always a great experience. Since COVID-19 hit, I decided to pick up Bass guitar and have now seen the other side learning an instrument from scratch and again a great experience. Super positive and fun place to learn to play music for life!”

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Someone else said

“Ive known the 5 Star School of Music Team for almost 20 yrs.
They have the best group of instructors (Mark, Karen, Kevin and Cole) and make learning to play guitar, Uk, Bass, Drums and Percussion as well as singing fun/enjoyable.
I highly recommend this team to anyone wanting to learn these instruments!!!”

How Can You Get Started With Them? – California

Get started by visiting them:
(link may change, buy you can always check their website, or call their phone number)

Are There Other Five Star School For Music?

Yes – Notable is the five star school for music in Nairobi Kenya. Check five Star School For Music Kenya.



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