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  1. Westlife Spectrum
    Information about the album, Including collaborators etc.
  2. Westlife Spectrum Release Date
    Album release timeline and promotions
  3. Westlife Spectrum Songs
    1. Westlife Spectrum Playlist
      Audio Playlist to enjoy my top three of the Westlife Spectrum Tracklist
  4. Westlife Spectrum Tracklist
    Amazing album containing 11 tracklist (three are my favorite
  5. Westlife – Hello My Love
    One of the top songs on the album

    1. Westlife “Hello My Love” Song Bio
    2. Westlife “Hello My Love” Lyrics & Video
      A lyric video to learn how to sing along. Contains a link to the text lyrics
  6. Westlife – Dynamite
    Another of the top songs on the Westlife Spectrum album

    1. Westlife “Dynamite” Song Bio
    2. Westlife Dynamite Lyrics & Video
      A lyric video to learn how to sing along. Contains a link to the text lyrics
  7. Westlife Members
    The Members of Westlife Band

    1. Current Westlife Members
    2. Former Westlife Members
  8. Westlife Spectrum Album Download
    Spectrum CD, Spectrym Vinyl, Spectrum Digital MP3 Download, Spectrum Streaming = Listen with Amazon’ Free App

Westlife Spectrum: Information

Spectrum is the twelfth studio album by Irish pop band Westlife. The album was released on 15 November 2019; released through Virgin EMI Records

The Westlife Spectrum album includes hit singles such as: “Hello My Love“, “Better Man“, “Dynamite” and “My Blood“.

Westlife Spectrum tracklist features co-written songs by Ed Sheeran, Steve McCutcheon | Steve Mac, Ryan Tedder, Camille Purcell, and James Bay.

Westlife’ Spectrum album is their first major album in eight years. And also their first album under Universal Music Group and Virgin EMI.

Spectrum made it to the top the Irish Albums Chart and UK Albums Chart.

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  1. Did you know that Ed Sheeran’ full name are: Edward Christopher Sheeran?
  2. Edward Christopher Sheeran, is an English singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. Ed Sheeran emerged as an Independent Artist in early 2011.
  3. Steve Mac is a British record producer. A songwriter and musician. He’s a multi-award-winning record producer. Steve is one among the foremost prolific songwriters and record producers in modern British music. He’s contributed to 30 favorite singles within the UK Singles Chart. [ Steve Mac ]
  4. Universal Music Group (UMG) is an American music corporation that operates globally. UMG’ majority is owned by the French media conglomerate; Vivendi, while the minority stake of UMG is owned by a Chinese tech company Tencent.

Westlife Spectrum Release Date

Westlife Spectrum was released on 15 November 2019.

Since Westlife’ breakup in 2011, (and their last appearance together in 2012), there’s been rumours about their reuniting, and making new music together. Spectrum album pre-order became available in October 2018.

Westlife spent 14 months making this album, which is the longest they’ve ever spent making an album. [ Source ]

The full-length album was released on 15 November 2019, after being moved from it’s initial planned release dates; 6 September, 8 November, 1 January 2020, and 25 December 2020.

Now Spectrum has been released on CD, and vinyl, also as a digital download, and for streaming.

Album release guest appearance promotion strategy was used. The promotion strategy was used on platforms such as on BBC Breakfast, BBC Children in Need, Strictly Come Dancing, This Morning, The Late Late Show, Lorraine, Idol, and on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

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Westlife Spectrum Songs

Spectrum Album featured song writing from various artists. I’ve not seen that much collaborations on a Westlife album before.

One of the Prominent featured songwriters on the Westlife Spectrum Tracklist is Ed Sheeran. Ed Sheeran featured on five tracks, out of eleven track of the Westlife Spectrum Songs.

Westlife Spectrum Playlist

I have created a nice audio playlist from the top three songs on the Westlife Spectrum tracklist. (But not everyone will be able to stream the playlist.) It’s not my fault. It’s due to a restriction from the original uploader — (Westlife or their management.)

Away from that! — The top three songs are on the Westlife Spectrum Tracklist are:

  1. “Hello My Love”
  2. “Better Man”
  3. “Dynamite”
  1. Hello My Love Westlife 3:45
  2. Better Man Westlife 3:16
  3. Dynamite Westlife 3:32

Westlife Spectrum Tracklist

The Westlife Spectrum tracklist featured total of Nine (9) artists. Steve McCutcheon is one other prominent songwriter featured on this Westlife Spectrum Tracklist.

No Title Spectrum Writer(s) Length
1 Hello My Love Edward Sheeran, Steve McCutcheon 3:36
2 Better Man Sheeran, McCutcheon, Wayne Hector, Frederik Gibson 3:17
3 My Blood Sheeran, McCutcheon, Hector 3:18
4 Dynamite Sheeran, McCutcheon, Andrew Wyatt 3:32
5 Dance Luka Kloser, Ryan Tedder, Casey Smith, Zach Skelton 2:45
6 One Last Time Sheeran, McCutcheon 2:55
7 Take Me There Mark Feehily, Shane Filan, Camille Purcell, McCutcheon 3:25
8 Repair James Bay, McCutcheon 3:07
9 Without You Bay, McCutcheon 3:39
10 L.O.V.E. Feehily, Filan, Purcell, McCutcheon 2:53
11 Another Life Alexander Charles, Thomas Williams 3:49


Westlife - Hello my Love (Westlife Spectrum Songs)

Westlife – Hello my Love (Westlife Spectrum Songs)

Hello My Love” is a song by the Irish pop band Westlife. Hello My Love arrived on 10 January 2019. It’s one of the lead singles from Westlife’s eleventh studio album, Spectrum.

Also, it’s their first single to be released under Universal Music Group, and Virgin EMI Records.

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It is also Westlife’ first official single in eight years, since they released their last single, titled “Lighthouse”. It was released in 2011.
The song “Hello My Love” is written by Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac for Westlife.

Westlife “Hello My Love” Song Bio:

Shane Filan wrote: “When we were coming back as a band, it was very important that Steve [Mac, their long-standing producer and collaborator] was involved. He wrote our first single and some of our biggest hits.

“There’s a lot of history and a lot of friendship that we had for 20 years, so I think it was a passion project for him. He was going back to where he started as well.

“This first song is a perfect example of the sound that we found together. It’s very unique to us, and I don’t think it’s like anybody else on the radio at the moment.”

Perhaps you could be interested full song bio; get more information about Westlife Spectrum Songs.

Westlife “Hello My Love” Lyrics Video

In the next section below, You will see the Lyrics Video of Hello My Love. (I used a Lyrics video because I don’t want to overwhelm the space of this article.) If you want the text version, I created another detailed Text version of Hello My Love Lyrics.

  1. Did you know before; that Steve McCutcheon wrote Westlife’ first single, and some of the Westlife’ biggest hit songs?
  2. For full information about Westlife’ “Hello My Love”, LEARN MORE About Hello My Love
  3. Do you agree that “Hello My Love” is the lead single from Westlife’ Spectrum album?

Westlife - Dynamite (Westlife Spectrum Songs)

Westlife – Dynamite (Westlife Spectrum Songs)

Westlife’ dynamite was released on 5 July 2019. And it’s the third single from Westlife’s Spectrum album.

Dynamite is also the third Westlife’ single to be released under their new Record label. Dynamite was released on the fortieth birthday of band member; Shane Filan’s. Written by Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac and Andrew Wyatt.

Westlife “Dynamite” Song Bio

Shane Filan Wrote:

“This is another Steve Mac song. After hearing ‘Hello My Love’ and ‘Better Man’, we felt the album’s character was really starting to form.

“We were finding this sound and were very happy with it. The lyrics in this song talk about colours, and that put our minds to focusing on the album being Spectrum. We’re showing a more colourful and exciting Westlife.”

In this section below, I will show the Westlife dynamite lyrics.

Westlife Dynamite Lyrics Video (Dynamite Westlife Lyrics)

I decided to make this a lyrical video, so that you can sync the lyrics to the music. That’s one of the easiest ways to learn a song. I hope you will like the experience of a Westlife’ Dynamite Lyrics video.


Above is the lyric video of the Westlife Dynamite lyrics; which helps you sing along — as text and music. (But what if you would like to copy the Dynamite lyrics as text?).

Again like the former, I’m not going to add the text version of Dynamite Westlife lyrics here — and the reason is because I do not want to overwhelm the space on this article. I created another article for that:
READ TEXT of Dynamite Westlife Lyrics.

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  2. Ed Sheeran, and Steve Mac appeared again on this hit song of the Westlife Spectrum album? Which makes the second hit track of their Spectrum album with their credit.

Westlife Members: Westlife Recent Picture

Westlife Members: The Members of Westlife Band

List of Members of Westlife pop group listed below, includes also, the timeline of active years of the band. (Keep in mind that the group disbanded in 2012; and reunited in 2018.

Westlife holds the following Guinness World Records: first to achieve seven consecutive number-one singles in the UK,
Most public appearances in 36 hours by a pop group.

Most singles debut at number one on the UK chart and top selling album group in the United Kingdom in the 21st century.

Current Westlife Members

  1. Nicky Byrne (1998–2012, 2018–present)
  2. Kian Egan (1998–2012, 2018–present)
  3. Mark Feehily (1998–2012, 2018–present)
  4. Shane Filan (1998–2012, 2018–present)

Brian MacFadden | Westlife Member Reunion = No Never | By Brian MacFadden on Heart.co.uk

Photo Source

Former Westlife Member

  1. Brian McFadden (1998–2004)

Former Westlife Member, Brian McFadden left the group in 2004. McFadden moved on, and released his debut solo album, Irish Son.

Since departing the Westlife group, Brian McFadden has released four more studio albums:

  1. Set in Stone
  2. Wall of Soundz
  3. The Irish Connection
  4. Otis

Brian MacFadden | says never coming back to Westlife

That’s making a total of five studio albums by Brian McFadden (as at March 2020.) You could LEARN MORE ABOUT Brian McFadden

Shane Filan is a Westlife member that amused me greatly.

It was intriguing for me to discover that Shane Filan has three outstanding solo albums; and still remains a Westlife Member.

Below are Shane Filan’s solo albums:

  1. You and Me (2013)
  2. Right Here (2015)
  3. Love Always (2017)

Shane Filan has made sixteen appearances in the UK Singles Chart number-ones. And this achievement has made him the most-appeared Irish music artist in the British music number-one singles history.

Personally I’m amazed at the success of Shane Filan’ Solo projects. And I’m even more amazed that Shane remains a Westlife Member.

  1. Did you know before that Westlife has the most Singles to debut at number one of the UK chart?
  2. Did you know before that Brian McFadden released five solo albums since departing as a Westlife Member?
  3. Did you know before that Shane Filan made three successful solo albums?
  4. Did you know before that Shane Filan is the most-appeared Irish music artist in the British music number-one singles history?

Westlife Spectrum Album Download

Westlife Spectrum Album Download

This section is for someone who would like to own the copy of the Westlife spectrum album, by downloading it. A remarkable album to hold.

So here is the direct way to download it with prices (Current prices may vary slightly.)


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  1. Westlife Spectrum
  2. Westlife Spectrum Release Date
  3. Westlife Spectrum Songs
  4. Westlife Spectrum Tracklist
  5. Westlife – Hello My Love
  6. Westlife – Dynamite
  7. Westlife Members
  8. Westlife Spectrum Album Download

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Westlife Spectrum. SELECT THIS for Spectrum Songs

Westlife Spectrum Songs: GET FULL Information

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