Updated – New Music Talent Hunt in Nigeria – “Stars Parade” endorsed by Frank Edwards

Talent hunt is always an opportunity, to discover new stars and talents. As a matter of fact, a new star and icon always emerge from every talent hunt, especially the musical talent hunts. "Stars Parade" is new music talent hunt in Nigerian which is coming soon. This New Music Talent Hunt is endorsed by Frank Edwards. The details about the talent hunt is not yet unveiled as its official website is still unveiling. But I guarantee you that frank Edwards, the "Oghene Doh" Christian Gospel musician in Nigeria , knows about this; he tweeted about it on his official Twitter account, and that i call his endorsement. (see the tweet after cut)

So i am glad to present this is another music opportunity for every upcoming musician in Nigeria, and its environs. Get ready for "Stars Parade". Prepare ahead and take advantage of this New Music Talent Hunt in Nigeria.

Music stars, that have also evolved into limelight and stardom in the Nigeria music industry includes Timi Dakolo (singer of "Iyawo Mi"), Omawumi etc. 🙂

"starsparade.com coming soon!!! Good news for the talented upcoming music & arts !! ff @stars_parade"

Is Frank Edwards a committed Christian?

"If you are following me but haven't received JESUS yet .. I'd like to introduce u to d 1 who made me who I am today!! Accept JESUS Plssss 😬😊"

Updates on stars parade Nigeria on this page

You will find only the most exciting moments from the stars parade Nigeria here.

it's not over by @ChelcUzo http://www.starsparade.com ⭐️

How to submit your song to Stars Parade - The New Music Talent Hunt by Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards is the CEO of Stars Parade, and he is provided all the information that artiste and musicians needs to know to be a part of his new music talent hunt in Nigeria. According to him, Frank desires that Stars Parade would provide the privilege and opportunity for upcoming musicians to get known on the best music promotion platforms.

Get your songs to stars parade by sending a simple email.

  • The email address is: Submisssions@starsparade.com or just click here〉 to send directly.

Requirements for song submission to stars Parade:

Before sending in just about any song, it is important to let you know that only standard music tracks will be accepted. i.e. songs that are well mixed and mastered. If you are certain about the quality of your song, then please wait no more. Submit to Stars Parade.

If you need to mix and master your song up to the standards of stars parade, then you can quickly get your song mixed and mastered internationally at Kobatunm music studio, at Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

Good Luck for now Pals.

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Update about StarsParade.com: Stars parade introduces Voice on It Competition #VOIC

starsparade.com the new Nigeria music talent hunt by frank Edwards
VOIC by starsparade - the new Nigeria music talent hunt by frank Edwards

Since this talent hunt competition started, i have been making updates about the StarsParade talent hunt. Stars parade is a Nigerian music talent hunt by Gospel Musician; Frank Edwards. Singer of Ogehne Doh.

Stars Parade new updates is called Voice On It Competition (VOIC). The concept of VOIC competition is that talented artist will make their best music to a common soundtrack provided by the team of the StarsParade competition.

I am aware that this sound track is produced by Frank Edwards himself; Frank is an all-round talented musician. Below you will get the sound track and how to take your chance in this #VOIC by StarsParade.

How To Enter the VOIC.
  1. DOWNLOAD the free Instrumentals: www.starsparade.com/voic/download the insturmental produced by frank edwards
  2. RECORD Your best song to it:
  3. SUBMIT your work:
    Visit www.starsparade.com/voic/submit to fill the submission forms and upload your recorded track.. (MP3 file Format. Max filesize 4mb)
  4. FOLLOW 
    Follow Stars Parade on Twitter. @stars_parade and instagram. @starsparadeofficial
  5. SHARE
    Share your snippet of your upload (e.g youtube snippet)
    or just use the hastags #starsparadevoice #seasion1 to share a short video of you performing your version of the track on instagram/twitter.
  6. The Submissions to this music competition is opened till 22nd September.

Note.. The top 10 entires will be revealed days later and voting begins immediately..

If you need help for writing your song for this competition so that you can be ahead of the average guy in it, then you can count on my song writing expertise in song writing.

Good Luck Pals.

We Love Good Music.

What is the status of the VOIC StarsParade music competition?

The VOIC season 1 competition by the starsParade team is concluded or at least the submission date is over. And it was interesting for me that many people were able to take part in the competition (that shows the potential and power of the internet in this 21st century. It is however worrying to participants of the VOIC StarsParade competition that the result and outcome of the VOIC starsParade was not clearly communicated to the participant.

The email address of the participants were collected by the submission, and that was sufficient to be able to keep the participants informed about the status of their entry; It took a lot of work to be able to be a part of the VOIC StarsParade music competition, therefore, everyone that was able to make a submission entry sure deserves a fair treatment; i.e. getting informed about the status of their entry.

It is however still worrying that the proper communication of the status of the VOIC starsParade session 1 is not yet communicated.

  1. How long more will it take for VOIC starsParade team to make a proper communication to the participants?
  2. or - Is the result concluded already?

These and many more are the worries on the mind of some of the prominent participants of the Frank Edwards music competition StarsParade 2016

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