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The “Breakup Song” for You, if Your Partner is Someone Unsatisfied with Life.

There is a song for every emotion.

A beautiful breakup song for you. Especially if your breakup is with someone, who is just not satisfied with life. Someone who makes you feel like you’re just not sufficient.

Read this breakup song analysis, and you should be alright.

Time of Your Life: By Simon Webbe.

Read more below to see how this song supports your emotion: as a breakup song.

The Breakup Song, Time of Your Life, Simon Webbe 7 


Time of Your Life by Simon Webbe is the breakup song with someone unsatisfied with life.

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Surviving Breakup With Someone Unsatisfied With Life

To be the victim of a breakup is usually painful – especially if you are at the receiving end.

If you have experienced a breakup with unsatisfied partner. – I mean someone generally unsatisfied with life, then i’m here to let you know that you are not a looser.

You can let them go without loosing your self esteem. I’m explaining more below.

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Listen to me, an unsatisfied partner is generally not satisfied with life – I am serious. They feel there is something more out there. And they are willing to do ANYTHING in a quest for a so called better life. They are looking what doesn’t exist. – they need to create one.

Falling in love with a person unsatisfied with relationship, is an unfortunate incidence. And it is not your fault. Let me tell you, these people are generally unsatisfied with life.

They are willing to switch lanes, even at the detriment of a lover – they once admired.

I hope you understand my points.

People who are generally unsatisfied with life, will likely remain unsatisfied with relationships. – So you see now, it is not your fault – you are their victim and not an actual looser in life.

Let me put it this way.

People who are generally unsatisfied with life, and relationship do not merit you – You are too tender and affectionate for such people.

Why stay with someone that makes you cry?

So if you have had a breakup with such a person, then I have a soothing balm, to calm that broken heart.

Time of Your Life by Simon Webbe, is a classic break up song for people with an unsatisfied partner. Below I will show you important captions from the song lyrics, which you should be able to relate with.

Lyrics Quotes From ‘Time of Your Life’ The Breakup Song

1. You’re always Turning all my rights to wrongs With the bitter words you’re whispering.

The Breakup Song, Time of Your Life, Simon Webbe 1

A person unsatisfied with relationship is deceitful. They will usually find ways to turn your rights to wrongs.
They always have the bitter words to whisper.

2. There’s something wrong about it Your life’s too over crowded I’m tired of giving it all And taking the fall.

The Breakup Song, Time of Your Life, Simon Webbe 2

See, people with unsatisfied life and relationship, tend to overcrowd their life. So they have many indecisions.
So having a relationship with such people will make you tired. – You would be giving in your all, and a fall is what you get in return. This is not worth it.

3. I Guess I’m wasting your time, baby If something within you Can’t be satisfied Then get up, get out, give in.

The Breakup Song, Time of Your Life, Simon Webbe 3

People with unsatisfied life and relationship will make you feel less. They make it seem like you are wasting their time in a relationship.
But here is the truth, there is something within them, that cannot be satisfied. – it is reasonable to let them get up and get out.

4. Oh if I’m cramping your style, lately If something is greener on the other side Then go on, and have The time of your life.

The Breakup Song, Time of Your Life, Simon Webbe 4

People with unsatisfied life will make it look like you are cramping their styles.
I am serious, – they make you feel incapable. They make it look like they have better styles than you.

But in reality, their is something that looks more pleasant and greener to them on the other side.

They have usually seen something greener on the other side. They are ignorant that there will always be something greener. No human shines for ever.

So people with unsatisfied with life and relationship will usually keep moving. They will keep breaking up – I pray they find a resting place someday.

5. Shameful, always treated me the same Twisting every little circumstance In to your gain.

The Breakup Song, Time of Your Life, Simon Webbe 5

People with unsatisfied life and relationship always twist every circumstance into their gain. And you most likely gave it all to them.
I hope – but uncertain, if they will continue to gain a winning edge with other people.

You are too good for them – Yes, you are an Angel.

6. There’s no two ways about it My life’s too short for shouting I’m tired of giving it all And taking the fall.

The Breakup Song, Time of Your Life, Simon Webbe 6

You should pick up your self, and get back up to your logical reasoning.
You are too good to be in a shouting relationship. See, you are to enjoy your relationship – not endure.

7. Ain’t no reason in me holding you down So move on baby, and do someone else Proud.

The Breakup Song, Time of Your Life, Simon Webbe 7

I like this phrase so much – I don’t want to be the one holding down someone, who feels a gem like me is not good enough for them.

Do you still have any reason to hold down someone with unsatisfied life and relationship? Certainly, not me. I’m done. I am done with my unsatisfied partner.I have no reason holding back any more.

It Is Time To Make Some Positive Affirmations.

Place your right hand on your heart and say these words:

I know my worth.

I know my value.

I’m a gem.

I’m fearfully and wonderfully made by the LORD. I deserve an Angel like me.

I am too good for (call his/her name)

It feels perfectly good to watch an unsatisfied person move on.

Let them move on and do someone else proud. – While you walk away with your head-up and self esteem.

I hope are you fired up.

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Who is Simon Webbe
To know more about this musician, read about him at Artist Biography Pages.

If you have experienced a breakup with someone unsatisfied with life, then you are not alone. And yes! It is not your fault.

The breakup song, Time of Your Life by Simon Webbe addresses breakup with someone who is unsatisfied with a life – And relationship.

Remember this:.

“oh if I’m cramping your style, lately If something is greener on the other side Then go on, and have The time of your life”

– let them trade their emotions for a greener pasture. – they simple do not deserve a gem like you.

Keep your self-esteem and move on.
I wish you a happy time, finding the worthy love of your life.

And for the song writers, always keep in mind, that good music sells. – choose a good song theme, and focus on creating a hit song.


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A breakup song is a song describing the breakup of an intimate relationship

A breakup song is a song describing the breakup of an intimate relationship, with associated emotions of sadness, frustration, anger, and sometimes of acceptance or relief. As one source states (discussing the upbeat breakup song “Better Things” by The Kinks), “Pop music is littered with break-up masterpieces”, but “[i]t’s a rare break-up song that isn’t bitter”.[1]

Listening to breakup songs during a breakup can help the listener to experience a sense of catharsis. For example, Phil Collins notes that “People hate a break-up, but they love a break-up song. “Against All Odds” pins down how it feels to be broken-hearted, and it’s one of the songs most often mentioned when people write to me, describing how it helped them through the trauma of heartbreak”.

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