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Christian Love Songs like this are helpful. No Idea is a New Christian Song which could also be on your Easter Song Playlist.

You will be glad you found this. Iswell Douglas used this song to talk about the need, of making sacrificial time for Jesus Christ.

Happy listening.

Christian Love Songs like this are helpful. - You will be glad you saw this song. Douglas talks about you making time for Jesus Christ. - 100% lovely

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This Christian Love Song — My Love for You by Iswell Douglas, is another model of a good music.

If you are looking for a contemporary Christian love song, or a Christian Song About God’s Love. — Then this song is what you need right now — read on.

“No Idea” is an Easter song suitable for anyone looking for Christian Easter Songs. someone looking for Easter Worship Songs would also find “No Idea” to be helpful.

It is one of those songs that you will usually have on repeat mode — an ever green Christian Love Song.

Christian Love Songs: NO IDEA by ISWELL DOUGLAS

The Song Theme: “My Love for You”

Happy Listening

Iswell Douglas


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“Christian Love Songs” NO IDEA by ISWELL DOUGLAS

Song Lyrics To Remember.

Below, I’m focusing on some lyrics, which stands out to me. Come with me.

1. “You Have No Idea How Many Times I’ve Cried for You”

Do you know that you make Jesus Cry? And it is not even once – but each time you sin.

Yes. You break His heart with every sin you commit — Now imagine how many times you and I have brought Jesus to tears.

The world we live in today, is full of various sinful acts — I hope you can relate?

Douglas uses this song to remind us about the cries of Jesus.

Despite His sovereignty, He loves us so much. Jesus cries over us when we sin.

Thanks to Douglas, because this is worth the emphasis. Because today we are living on the fast lane — The fast life and fast everything.

With all these fast life, it is easy to forget about the suffering of Jesus Christ. — A price for the redemption of humanity.

Thank you Douglas for this reminder.

2. “You Have No Idea, of What I Faced on the Cross – Just for You”

Like his point about the cries of Jesus Christ. — Douglas takes us back to the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Truly, we have no idea what it felt like for Jesus Christ on that cross.

The scourging, the nailing and the mocking that He received by the hands of those persecutors. — We have no idea how it feels to carry that cross across the city.

We have no idea how it felt like receiving those merciless 39 whips — truly we have no idea.

We have no idea how it felt like, going through those pains — as a sinless being.

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All these and even more, were the experience of Jesus Christ on the cross — just for you — and I.

What a saviour!

Thank you LORD Jesus, for making Douglas write a song such as this, to remind us all.

Listen Again Below.



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Song Lyrics To Remember.

3. “No Be Say He No Fit Tire, No Be Say Hin No Fit Vex”

Iswell Douglas wrote this part in Pidgin english — of Nigeria.

Those sufferings were at a stretch — without even resting 🙁

  • He could have renounced his assignment.
  • He could have lost his temper at them.
  • He could also have performed miracles to hurt those soldiers. — This is Jesus who had done several other miracles. — Resurrection of the dead, Control over nature (Walking on water) etc.

But He choose to endure the cross with its pain and shame — in-order to secure eternal redemption for you and I.

Think of it as a huge sacrifice of love by Jesus Christ.

Crucifixion of Jesus Best "Christian Love Song" -- NO IDEA ISWELL DOUGLAS
Crucifixion of Jesus

4. “You Are So Busy, Don’t Have Time for Me”

This phrase reminds me of a melodious hook-line “Jesus is Calling”, in “O Come to the Altar” by the Elevation Worship.

That is exactly what Iswell tries to day with his Christian love song. He slows down our pulse to the untiring calls of Jesus.

Now imagine for once, that the President of your country is calling your telephone. 🙂 — yes imagine that. If the president of Nigeria is calling my phone, sincerely, I would feel special.

Now, what if your nation’s President was calling relentlessly. Not once, not twice — several missed calls from your.

Well that would mean that you are indispensable to him. And that he needs your help. Now put in perspective — Jesus Christ calls you often.

He calls you into fellowship, he wants to use you for His glorious purposes.

— Will you answer his call today?
— Will you acknowledge Him as LORD?
— Will you worship Him more often?
— Will you do assignments that makes him happy. e.g. telling someone about that sacrificial love?

Wait for a minute – have you been rejected before?
Well I have. I have experienced rejection before. And yes, I know how it hurts — the pain of rejection is a recurrent pain.

Now imagine causing a recurring pain to Jesus Christ the saviour, and hope of your days to come? — Douglas reminds us in his song, to answer the calls of Jesus.

Do you even know that, to Jesus is where we return to give account of our lives on earth? The final judgement is with Jesus.

John 14:6
“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Douglas reminds you and I, to create time for Jesus Christ.


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No Idea / “My Love for You” is an evergreen Christian songs about God’s love.

Cheers to The Good Music.