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What is Singorama itself?
Singorama describes itself as an Essential Guide To Singing.

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Singorama review amazon _ free download

This means that it is expected to be a crucial, necessary, vital, and indispensable (guide) resource for singing.

Singorama describes it as the complete guide to singing like a professional.
It is sold by the Services LLC on Amazon.

Also, Singorama on Amazon is available instantly for download.
This Singorama on Amazon is developed by “Matavirai“.

This version of Singorama is available on Amazon at a Price of “Free Download“.

It was released on September 7, 2015.

The singorama on amazon has a very small Size of 690.2KB. And it’s on version 0.1.

This means that no modification has been made to the amazon version of it.

There seems to be a problem is miss-up with the version that’s listed on Amazon. The Singorama review amazon just suggests that the users are not having a great time with the product version that is listed on Amazon.

As you would see from the reviews, users are not having a great experience with the product listing.


Singorama review amazon #1

This reviewer is a verified purchase. Which means the person has a first-hand experience on the product.

This review source says:

Singorama review amazon _ a buyer's review

“Not an actual app.”

The source continued:

“This just leads to a page where you can get an old school advertisement. I was hoping to just pay for the product as an app, not be told by an app to go to an ancient website that states it isn’t even sure what OS supports it now other than Windows 98. C’mon guys. This isn’t an app!”

That’s a 1/5 star rating Which is a failed experience.

This review was made by a United States person, on December 10, 2019.

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Singorama review amazon | Let’s make more reviews.

The above review is the only review that is available on the Singorama version that’s listed on Amazon.

Make your own review Since the version on amazon is listed at a Price: Free Download, I urge you to try the product out, and experience it first-hand.

Singorama review amazon: my conclusion:

The Singorama review amazon based on one review from a verified purchase signals to us that the singorama on amazon is not a great product. However you can try it out, since it’s free to download.