Who You Say I Am Lyrics, and Lyrics Video (Hillsong Worship)

Who you say I am: lyrics Video and more. Lyrics of I am who you say i am is popular because the song is an awesome song. And that’s why we decided to bring you the lyrics of this great song — as well as its lyrics video. People search for this song in various ways, — because it connects to us differently. My favourite part of the song is in the theme of the song. I am who you … Read More

New Song Christian: NO IDEA: by ISWELL DOUGLAS

Christian Love Songs like this are helpful. No Idea is a New Christian Song which could also be on your Easter Song Playlist. You will be glad you found this. Iswell Douglas used this song to talk about the need, of making sacrificial time for Jesus Christ. Happy listening. This Christian Love Song — My Love for You by Iswell Douglas, is another model of a good music. If you are looking for a contemporary Christian love song, or a … Read More

Breakup Song: “Time of Your Life” by “Simon Webbe”

The “Breakup Song” for You, if Your Partner is Someone Unsatisfied with Life. There is a song for every emotion. A beautiful breakup song for you. Especially if your breakup is with someone, who is just not satisfied with life. Someone who makes you feel like you’re just not sufficient. Read this breakup song analysis, and you should be alright. Time of Your Life: By Simon Webbe. Read more below to see how this song supports your emotion: as a … Read More

2Baba Nigerian Singer: Oya Come Make We Go (Motivational Songs)

Oya Come Make We Go by 2baba ft Sauti Sol – A Classic Motivation Song for African Youths We always advice indie artists and musicians, to focus on creating hit songs, because Hit Music will always sell. Here is another hit music. This song is good for any one trying to launch out. But is held back or Procrastinating. Fear or anxiety cab make you tired, but tis subs come make we go by 2baba and a Kenyan musician tells … Read More

Keith Urban: Somebody Like you (Love Songs)

Evergreen Love Song: Keith Urban Somebody Like You The evergreen love song “somebody like you” is a song co-written and recorded by Australian country musician Keith urban. This evergreen love song was launched in July 2002 and it was the first single from his 2002 album Golden Road, at that time it was Keith Urban’ fifth American single release (apparently he was new to the music scene then, I could imagine what country music lovers around the world and especially … Read More

Home – Michael Buble: Best Go Home Song (go home feeling)

The song Home (Michael Bubble) is one of the best go home song out ever. Considering the lyrics of the song, plus the the emotion with which it’s written. The song to defeat Home (Michael Buble version) in the Go Home Song chart must be another epic one. Without doubt, Home (Michael Buble) is an evergreen go home song. Emotions which Michael Bubble used on this home song, makes it arguably of the best go home song out ever. (For me, … Read More

Blake Shelton: GOD GAVE ME YOU – Lyrics | Video (Love Songs)

GOD Gave Me You: Lyrics, Video (Wedding Songs) Released in July 2011 as the second single track of the “Red River Blue” album By Good Music Africa Inc. INTERESTING FACTS: GOD Gave Me You: Blake Shelton How did Blake Shelton got inspired to write the song God Gave Me You? Shelton listened to “Dave Barnes” version the music on present day Christian station. What can I do with “God gave me you” by Blake Shelton? God Gave Me You by Blake … Read More

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani’s Duet: “Go Ahead & Break My Heart” (Love Songs)

“Go Ahead & Break My Heart” Duet Released in July 2011 as the second single track of the “Red River Blue” album By Good Music Africa Inc. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have a most recent duet “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” and you can stream it right here on this page.This country music track by Blake and Gwen is already featured on Blake Shelton new album “If I’m Honest”, which was released on May 20. It was funny and humorous … Read More

Love Song: Blake & Gwen’ Love-fest Onstage (Made Crowd Goes Wow)

Love-fest Of Blake & Gwen Onstage Made Crowd Goes Wow They misplaced it when they observed Blake turned into now not wherein he become supposed to be, and failed to prevent cheering as he by no means as soon as took his eyes off his female friend. How the Love-fest Of Blake & Gwen Onstage Made Crowd Goes Wow These lovebirds just cannot prevent making surprise appearances collectively, and Gwen Stefani’s Dallas excursion prevent became no unique! Fanatics have been … Read More

TASTE THE FEELING Mp3 Download: INSTRUMENTAL by Cocacola (Lyrics | Video)

Coke’ TASTE THE FEELING Instrumental Download +Lyrics TASTE THE FEELING: Instrumental: Lyrics (Cocacola Song) By Good Music Africa Inc. TASTE THE FEELING: Coca Cola: INFO Avicii is not any initiate once it involves collaborating with Coca-Cola Music, however the standard creator says it’s Associate in Nursing honor to figure on a track for such a high-profile. Taste the feeling coca cola – Instrumental Soundtrack Created by Avicii the track features the vocals of newcomer Conrad Sewell. The song will feature … Read More

TASTE THE FEELING Mp3 Download: SONG by Cocacola (Lyrics | Video)

Coca cola theme song; the mp3 download, the official music video. This post covers Taste the Feeling: by Coca-Cola. The song has been around for a while now. Everyone seems to like the campaign by Conrad Sewell and Avicii. So sit back and enjoy Taste the Feeling by Coca-Cola: The Lyrics, MP3 download as well. There is something about Taste Your Feeling Song by Coca Cola. This song – released in 2016, is still gaining some awesome search traffic. People are … Read More

A Change Is Gonna Come: Sam Cooke | Seal Version

A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke & Seal’ Version By Good Music Africa Inc. The legendary Songwriter COOKE, SAM wrote “A Change Is Gonna Come” – However, Seals performance of the song is awesome. It one of the most popular version of the songs – in my discovery of music is it the same for you? Did you discover COOKE SAM version of A CHANGE IS GONNA COME – first? or You discovered Seals version first? The Lyrics Published … Read More

Frank Edwards Oghene Doh: LYRICS | MUSIC VIDEO & DOWNLOAD

OGHENE DOH: FRANK EDWARDS Worship Mode! Let this Nigeria Christian Worship song inspire you to worship GOD. Happy Listening. By Good Music Africa Inc. LYRICS: Frank Edwards Oghene Doh: Christian Worship Songs When ever I call, you are there, When ever I pray,Lord you hear me, am not alone,this I know What can I bring to you Lord, but this song of praise Oghene Doh (Lord I priase you) Doh doh doh Ogene Doh For the things you’ve done for me, … Read More

Timi Dakolo IYAWO MI: Cool Nigerian Wedding Songs

Nigerian Wedding Songs: IYAWO MI. “Iyawo Mi” : Timi Dakolo’s song is very ideal as a Nigerian Wedding Song. See song information and details on this page. By Good Music Africa Inc. IYAWO MI will inspire you to love, it is a love song from Nigerian musician; Timi Dakolo. Timi Dakolo is naturally known for his good vocals. His vocal is not one of those commercial-packaged vocals. This guy has the vocal for not only studio deliveries – but also for … Read More

“Always Pray for You” by NOSA OMOREGIE | Nigerian inspiration songs motivation songs (Lyrics and Video below)

Photo credit: NOSA OMOREGIE Nigerian inspiration songs motivation songs – Always Pray for you Songwriters of ALWAYS PRAY FOR YOU by nosa Omoregie – Inspiration Songs motivation songs and best lyrical songs: Nosa Omoregie If you are looking for inspirational songs by Nigeria musician, then i recommend “I go always pray for you” by Nosa Omoregie. This song can also be used for farewell purposes. Lyrics credit to #freenaijalyrics. For more Inspiration songs motivation songs and best lyrical songs check our category on Inspiration songs motivation songs … Read More

Westlife This Love Is Unbreakable Mp3 Download: Westlife LOVE SONG

Love songs 80s love songs and newest love songs Official music Video – Unbreakable” WESTLIFE | Love Songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azdesKO7r4QVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Westlife – Unbreakable (Official Video) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azdesKO7r4Q) Watch Lyrics Video — Unbreakable” WESTLIFE | Love Songs Watch the lyrics video AND you will be singing along — you would enjoy the song better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q6VKGgnQSsVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Westlife – Unbreakable (Lyric Video) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q6VKGgnQSs) Next For more Westlife Love songs, check this … Read More

THIS IS THE AIR I BREATHE: Christian Songs (Worship Songs)

This is the air I breathe.This is the air I breath Your holy presence …that’s how the song started. While people singing it, by personalization would sing something like: you are the air I breathe. Whichever way you sing yours, this post has you covered on all your queries for this is the air I breathe. Who Wrote This Is the Air I Breathe? This is the air I breathe, is a song by Michael W. Smith.Released on September 11, … Read More

One Day We Gonna Get So High: Lighthouse Family Song

Welcome to this article about the Lighthouse Family – High. This song can be used for different purposes (because of it’s great lyrical content and awesome melody). It can be used as a workout motivation song so people who need that extra motivation for athletics should find it helpful. Or for people who just needs that extra lift, or do-it-now feeling. This article covers the following: Lighthouse family – high on Apple Music (for high-quality version 320kbps). Covered also is … Read More

“Styl Plus Call my Name” | Lyrics, Video, Details: Nigerian Love Songs

Style Plus Call My Name or Styl Plus Call My Name Some say it is Style Plus Call My Name 🙂 others say it is Styl Plus Call My Name either way. You are all looking for the evergreen Nigerian love song by Styl Plus — Call My Name. Yes actually it is Styl Plus — without the e. That is what this post covers. Download Style Plus Call My Name [Amazon.com] Either you are looking for Download Style Plus Call My Name or Download Styl … Read More

INSPIRATIONAL SONG: CARE by KID ROCK feat T.I. & Angaleena Presley

Enjoy this mp3 songs and the music video: “Care – from Care: Kid Rock ft T.I. & Angaleena Presley [mp3 songs, lyrics and music video]. GMAF rating for this song is #Good. VIDEO of “Care” (feat. Martina McBride, T.I.” Lyrics of “Care” (feat. Martina McBride, T.I.”) Day by day my life gets colder My ice grows thin, as I get older Peace in peaces, bloody and bruised I feel so helpless and confused [Bridge] Cuz I hear screamin on the … Read More

Hit Song: If I Lose Myself by ONE REPUBLIC (mp3 songs, lyrics and video)

Preview “if i lose my self” by One Republic Listen to songs from the album If I Lose Myself; Paid download best version “if i lose myself tonight” one republic video (takes you to iTunes store) Get hit songIf I Lose Myself “if I Lose Myself” – OneRepublic on Amazon Music Official Music video of “if i lose my self” by One Republic Official music video if i lose myself tonight it’ll be by your side | OneRepublic – If … Read More

Indie Song Blog: Let it Rain On Me: by OKIKI of AFRICA (Motivational Songs)

LET IT RAIN (by Okiki of Africa) Okiki of Africa. Okiki of Africa is Nigerian an Afropop Artist based in Hamburg Germany .  Download Let it Rain by Okiki of Africa Download the Ringing tone of Let it Rain Read about Okiki of Africa “Okiki of Africa is an artist based in Hamburg Germany specializing in Afro-beat, Hip-hop,street and world music.Also watch out for Reggae,Dancehall and even R&B themed tracks.Multi talented and multi dimensional.I employ engaging lyrics as I model … Read More

Nigeria Birthday Song: “OMO OLOJO IBI” by Gmarx

If you’re looking for a top birthday song, then OMO OLOJO IBI is a top Yoruba birthday song for you. Please enjoy this excellent Yoruba birthday song.   Top Yoruba Birthday song: OMO OLOJO IBI – by GMARX — Thousands of Digital Downloads. OMO OLOJO IBI is downloaded daily from around the world. It is particularly downloaded from Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria and even more. I’m amazed at the download rate. The evergreen Yoruba birthday celebration song, … Read More

Nigeria birthday songs: Download Its Your Birthday by LekanA

If you’re looking for top Nigeria birthday songs mp3 download – then you can get IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY by Lekana mp3 download on this page. Please enjoy this excellent Nigerian birthday song. The song is suitable for Kids and Adult’s Birthday celebration. Nigeria Birthday Songs Mp3 Download: by LekanA IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY is becoming one of the popular birthday songs in many countries of the world — it is downloaded daily from around the world! Especially in the … Read More