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looking for a music studio in Lagos Nigeria, kobatum music studio in Lagos Nigeria will help you, and mix like a pro.
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When you are looking for a music studio in Lagos Nigeria, kobatum music studio, will help you, and mix like a pro.

What are others doing differently ? Is it juju they are using ?...I need to be successful this year
*It's always a deep pain when an artist approaches me and tells me that he has recorded over 35 tracks and his songs are not sounding okey, thus, non is fit for promotion . I always feel so depressed because this is well enough to make four complete albums with well adequate monetary returns already.
*Why should an artist posses these much when all he needs is just one to two solid , perfectly mixed ,mastered , clean , radio and internet ready song to hit the ground running ? This always prompts me to request and always take my time to listen to all songs from my clients to pick some of the beautiful ones we can turn into gold. Think about this , when you consider the number of hours spent in the studio and the amount of money already spent , it is valueless to make your effort go to waste to me. This goes to artists, promoters , Labels in Nigeria. I shall advice you go into your library , pull out your old songs for proper redemption (mixing and mastering )or maybe some modification in arrangement and sound to fit modern style . You shall be amazed how much difference this will make with just little effort .

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*One of the mistakes most artists make is to think most of the producer /beat makers can finish up their project for them. Rather ,the truth is that ,they are more trained to work on the creative aspect of the project by putting the sounds together and arranging them appropriately with distinction .Most of them have little or no knowledge about the audio quality aspect of the project which should be taken to a proper mix engineer for making them into a good finished product .

*Up coming producers can borrow a leave from their more experienced counterpart in the scheme of their work by working with other professionals in this line of business . For instance ,
In the last 10 years , you will hardly hear most of your hit tracks being produced and mixed by the same guy . The wisdom is , if you work with a good mix Engineer , your job shines and there are more good client patronizing you . Please ensure your signature is imprinted inside the project most importantly . This way you appeal to more clients because of the quality of job done plus your creativity well expressed to the world just the way you want it .
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A subsidiary of Kobatunm Entertainment based in Lagos, Nigeria to get the touch of gold on your song production in Nigeria or around Africa as you deemed fit.

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