Best Birthday Songs for Friends and Family: Top 7 Happy Birthday Songs

Most famous birthday songs, for birthday celebration.

List of Happy Birthday Songs | Top 7

It is always someone’s birthday.

And it may become tasking to find a modern list, of popular birthday songs. More challenging is it if the lyrical content is important to you.

And I can understand why, – majority of us grew up with that traditional birthday music – “Happy birthday to you – Happy birthday to you – happy birthday to you MY FRIEND – happy birthday to you – how old are you now…?”

Yet another challenge is when you need the birthday music in trendy genre, such as pop, soul, rnb etc.

Don’t worry i’m here to help with this writeup. I have crawled the web to find cool birthday songs that will suit you. Either birthday parties for kids or for adults, I guarantee you will find one or two of these songs suitable.

Some of the songs on my list gained relevance by the internet market demand – people just love to download them. One of such songs is IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY – by LekanA. Another of such is OMO OLOJO IBI – by Gmarx. And Personally, I like that Yoruba birthday music – OMO OLOJO IBI – by Gmarx.

These and five more awesome birthday songs are what you will get on this page.

I’m providing also the media – Audio, mp3 download, or video, or even lyrics video. – depending on what is available – without copyright violations. In other words, you can download happy birthday music too.

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To get the best from this birthday songs, you need to open-up, for a new blend of music. And of course – audio and video playback device. Those are the only requirements.

IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY – by lekanA. Best Birthday Songs.


List of happy birthday songs in Nigeria _ Cover Art by LekanA

Here is a unique happy birthday song. Written in English language.This r&b birthday song made it into this list of happy birthday songs, because of the success from search engines — People just love to download this birthday music.Released in 2014 without a record label, yet this song has climbed trendy feats – organically.IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY, has had 6,222 downloads, within 10 months – November 2018. It’s an impressive figure, because it all came from a non-paid promotion effort.list of birthday songs - IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAYThis birthday music has earned Good music Africa 13 backlinks. 4 of the 13 came from multinational websites.Indicating that, people find it helpful and decided to share it on their websites.List of happy birthday songs - IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY song backlinks

(Happy Birthday Song Download). IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY by LekanA.

A download link for IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY song free download is given below.

Song Download

Birthday Song Lyrics to Learn r&b birthday song.

More info? – I have made a detailed post about IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY – here. – There you would find more information on the song, and also get to know more about LekanA – and connect personally.Here’s a screenshot of 28 days search engine traffic to IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY – by lekanAlist of happy birthday songs - 28 days traffic - IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY - Birthday music by lekanALooking for IT’s YOUR BIRTHDAY download ? below are the direct download links: The links are reliable and you should be able to download happy birthday music by LekanA in few minutes.[Promoted Content]

OMO OLOJO IBI – by Gmarx.

R&b Birthday Song in Yoruba.


List of birthday songs in nigeria _ OMO OLOJO IBI

Here is another unique happy birthday song. Written in a mix of English language and Nigeria’s Yoruba language.

OMO OLOJO IBI is a soft and unique happy birthday song, and the internet users love it for that.

  • The melody and serenade of this song is on-point.
  • The song environment, the calmness, the message.
  • The vocals of Gmarx!
  • The good wishes and prayers!!
  • The philosophical terms used by Gmarx!!!

All these contributes to why this birthday music has successfully crossed borders.

Here’s screenshot, 4,605 downloads in 24 months:

List of birthday songs in nigeria - OMO OLOJO IBI mp3 download rate

You get the best of this Nigeria happy birthday song by during the quiet moments of the birthday. This includes:

  • Moment of couple dancing together.
  • Birthday celebrant walking in.
  • Also suitable for the emotional moments of adult birthday parties.

Happy Birthday Song Download: OMO OLOJO IBI by Gmarx.

A download link for OMO OLOJO IBI mp3 download is given below.

Download Olojo Ibi

It’s popular amongst people looking for an happy birthday song in Yoruba – having an impressive click through rate of 13.8%. These are people from Nigeria, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia etc.

Having it on your list of birthday songs? – you’re not alone.

Here’s traffic by Countries – people looking for happy birthday song in Yoruba – OMO OLOJO IBI by Gmarx.

List of birthday songs in Nigeria _ OMO OLOJO IBI - Happy Birthday Song in Yoruba

I’ve made a post about OMO OLOJO IBI here. It contains more info about the song. You can personally connect with Gmarx there. And join his mailing list, – to know about his new songs.

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BIRTHDAY – by Destiny’s Child.

Best Birthday Songs For Friends.


R&b birthday song, English Language.

Despite released in 1998, BIRTHDAY still remains a popular Birthday song.

Old School r&b Birthday Songs (Lyrics).

It’s one of the songs by Destiny’s Child. It was released under the Sony BMG Entertainment. And It’s in the Pop song genre. It has a playing duration of 5:14 minutes

PS: We don’t give download links for copyrighted materials – Good Music Africa is against piracy.

We only provide MP3 download links for songs given to us exclusively.

List of happy birthday songs _ BIRTHDAY _ Destiny's Child

For MP3 version of BIRTHDAY – by Destiny’s Child, get it on [amazon Music]

Birthday Songs – by Don Mclean.

Old School r&b Birthday Songs Lyrics:


A unique happy birthday song. Written in English Language.

BIRTHDAY SONG is a song by Don McLean. Released in 1972 from the Don McLean album. It has a playing duration 2:37 minutes.

Birthday Song — Lyrics: Learn This Old School R&b Birthday Song.

Source: Youtube.

For more info about Don McLean, a link to Don McLean web page is here

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – by Stevie Wonder:

(Old School R&b Birthday Song).



Written in English language – HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Stevie Wonder was Released in 1980 from the Hotter Than July Album.

Stevie Wonder used this birthday song, to campaign, that a national holiday be granted on Martin Luther king Jr. birthday [source: wikipedia]

Birthday Song Lyrics Video.

Learn This Old School R&b Birthday Song with This Lyrics Video.

It has a playing duration of 5:53 minutes.

This song is in the Classic Soul genre.
This song is one of many of Stevie Wonder’s songs that featured the use of a keyboard synthesizer. (A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals which may thus be converted to sound).

For MP3 version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY – by Stevie Wonder, get it on [amazon Music]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – by Sunny Neji.

(Best Birthday Songs For Friends)


Another birthday song in English Language. HAPPY BIRTHDAY is a birthday music by Sunny Neji. A Nigerian musician known for melodious hooks. Song droped in 2007 from the Unchained album.

Happy birthday Video Song: Watch HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Sunny Neji.

Source: Youtube.


Old School R&b Birthday Songs.


Last but not the least – written also in English language. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY is a birthday music by Tune Weavers. Written by Gilbert Lopez / Margo Sylvia.

Was released in 1994 under the BMG Rights Management.
This birthday music is from Tune Weaver’s Glad All Over album. Classified into the genre of Rock music.

Birthday Song Lyrics: Learn this r&b birthday song with this lyrics video.


This list of happy birthday songs were carefully selected. I have provided download links to only the songs which I have copyrights for.The Happy birthday music download without copyright infringements.

Happy Birthday Songs mp3 Download, Links

I also provided video and lyrics videos for others – so that you can easily learn the birthday musics.Only 7 songs made it to this list of happy birthday songs. I understand there are more birthday music out there.However only the ones with suitable birthday messages made it to my list. The one’s that guarantees to give you a great memory.People looking for best birthday songs for friends and cool birthday songs will find these happy birthday song collections to be really helpful.Go ahead use this songs for your birthday parties and celebration.Finally, I believe that people looking for:

List of Birthday Songs in Nigeria,

…will particularly find the three Nigeria Birthday songs to be helpful.i.e.
  2. OMO OLOJO IBI by Gmarx
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Sunny Neji.

Over to you.

What birthday songs you have discovered to be very helpful? – on this list, or elsewhere?I like to know in the comment box.

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