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Song Title: "Remember the Poor"
Music Artist: iTee
Song Description: A song for about paying attention to the poor. A royalty free music suitable for charity campaign songs. Independent music production from the Nigeria music industry.

 Song Meanings, Song Features

Remember the Poor can be used for political campaigns. If you need a campaign music for social themes, such as love, empathy, or for poor masses. You can also use it for background music for campaign events.

Never underestimate the power and influence of music. Music has caused war and music has solved war. Therefore if you have iTee singing this song at your event, you would be communicating better with your audience. And your presentation will have welcoming audience reaction.

Political campaign songs are effective tools, that can lead to strategic impact in government affairs..

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 Booking this Nigerian Indie artist:

Do you want this music artist to perform live at your social events? That's our joy. Please use our Artist booking page form.

You may just want to use it as a background music, for your campaign ads. We are glad. Please use use this contact form.

A very talented Nigerian music artist. iTee is from Kogi state, Nigeria. iTee is proud indie artist of on our Indie Music site. You should check our iTee's page for more songs like this.

Contact him on our booking page for indie Music Artists. Remember the Poor is suitable for political campaigns in Nigeria. Also for social awareness campaigns.

 Using this song for charity campaign:

Yes you can with conditions, but you can only use this song for non commercial purposes only.

This song and all direct songs from our recording artist will be copyrighted, therefore it saves you time and money, if you book him directly for your show, and also, this makes your audience have trust in you.

On our Indie music website, we care about the poor and everyone. We provide music to motivate, inspire and encourage poor people.

Download this Nigerian Indie Song - "Remember the Poor"