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siji Nigerian musician

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The British-born singer describes his music as “Yoruba soul,” a fusion of all his musical influences and life experiences in England, Nigeria and New York. Watch him perform the title track from his latest EP, “Children of the Sun.”

From siji nigerian musician,
According to the Yoruba, “Omo l’ere aiye”. This means a child is life’s ultimate reward. Regardless of what others might say, I truly believe that children are the future of our world for they hold the key to tomorrow’s promise for a bigger, better and brighter future for all.

For this very reason we need to invest in our children; their education, safety, health concerns, wealth, empowerment and general well being. The spate of cruel injustices perpetrated by others against our young ones should never be condoned or go unpunished.
#Chibok #Gaza (siji nigerian musician)

siji lagos lullaby - good music Africa

siji lagos lullaby 2 - good music Africa

siji lagos lullaby 3 - good music Africa

I dedicate this Samba tinged, Yorubasoul’d out (courtesy of Osunlade) paean to all children globally, for indeed their time to shine has truly come. Join me as I sing and bellow at the top of my lungs…

“Children of the sun lift your heads up to the skies”