Meet iTee. He is a DIY Music Artist. He is from the Nigeria music industry.

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Songs By iTee

  1. Remember The Poor iTee 05:22
  1. Download Remember the Poor by iTee

This dude certainly has mastery, over his song writing. He just seems comfortable on his hit song; Remember the Poor

iTee, is certainly a Nigerian Music Artist you need to watch out for.

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Book iTee for Events

Using iTEE for your event is certainly a good decision.

With 1 hit song on his playlist. You get 6 minutes of live music.

He has a hit song on social awareness towards the poor. Remember the Poor is a Charity song written in English. His Remember the Poor can also be used for your political campaigns. I give you my words here. Your audience will be entertained by iTees Remember the Poor.

With lots of experience with live performance. iTee guarantees the entertainment of your audience.

Using an Independent music artist for your events offers you valuable advantages. You save you cost. Compared to paying 7 figures (millions) to book any of the already famous musicians from the Nigeria music Industry.

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