What Music Software Does Roomie Use? (Melodyne, ProTools etc)7 min read

This is for someone who would like to know about what music software does Roomie use?.

What Music Software Does Roomie Use (Roomie uses Melodyne, ProTools etc)
Get Roomie’ Hardware gears also.


(You are not alone on this quest). A couple of people would like to know what tools that Roomie uses to achieve the high level of excellence and speed that he’s known for on his studio recordings.

So this post researched what music software Roomie uses?

I got answers from various sources — including answer from Roomie himself!

I got other sources too — from a couple of persons around the internet. Some are very confident about the suggestions about the software that Roomie uses — Let’s check out each of the sources below.

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What music software does roomie use? From Roomie’ on Tumblr

Someone asked Roomie the same question Roomie; in 2012:

“What do you use to record your music? instruments, hardware, programs? :)”.
Roomie replied! And answered that question in detail — about what music software he uses. He did not only mention the software that he uses — but he was kind enough to include the hardwares he uses to make his music!.

He mentioned tools like: Pro Tools software, iMac 27″ etc.

See below for Roomie’s answer.

“Pro tools software, iMac 27” mid 2011, Mbox 2 pro, Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar, J&D Les Paul copy, Casio CDP-120, Pod HD300, Takeharu Bass (my father’s) TAMA drums…

Roomie added “I probably missed some stuff, but hey xD”.

(One can be right to believe he has mentioned the major software’s and hardware’s he uses.)


What music software does Roomie use? from Reddit

The person wanted to know what other stuff Roomie uses — other than maybe Melodyne.

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The answer to that question is below:

“Pretty sure he uses ProTools.”
Source [1]


What music software does roomie use? from EquipBoard

Someone on EquipBoard asserts that Roomie uses Celemony Melodyne Studio 4.
“He clearly uses Melodyne 4 for editing the backing vocals.”

(This answer is one for the prevalent answers on the web to the question of What music software does Roomie use?)

At 8:09 of the video above, you could hear Roomie himself say the phrase: “Making backing vocals in Melodyne”.

With that, you can be certain that Roomie uses the Melodyne software.

Get Celemony Melodyne Studio 4 AND you could be making such amusing effects as Roomie on your songs.

Melodyne Software: (What music software does Roomie use?).

‘Melodyne is a software application for macOS and Windows with which you can edit audio in a more musical way than was ever thought possible.

‘In Melodyne, you work with notes – not with some waveform that tells you nothing.

‘You can modify each note and thereby influence directly the intonation, phrasing and dynamics – and do this not only with vocals and monophonic instruments but with polyphonic instruments such as pianos and guitars as well’

Melodyne (What music software does Roomie use?). Would you like to know more about Melodyne
Melodyne Interface.

Awards of Celemony — the company that’s behind Melodyne.

Celemony received a Special Merit/Technical Grammy Award at the 54th Grammy Awards in February 2012 for “contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field.”


Get Melodyne


Conclusion and Recommendation on What music software does Roomie use?

Which of the reports do you believe as the best answer on “What music software does Roomie use?”

You would be most right if you go with the report from Roomie’s Tumblr account.
(The only concern is that — that answer was in 2012 — it’s a long time ago from now)

Roomie did not mention Melodyne Studio 4 in his personal answer from that Tumblr report. Perhaps he didn’t discover it yet then, or it’s on a list of those he said he ‘probably missed’.

Nothwithstanding, Roomie’ phrase — “Making backing vocals in Melodyne” from that video tells us that he used Celemony Melodyne Studio  on that production.

Other tools (Softwares & Hardwares) on: What music software does roomie use?

In this section you would discover other tools (i.e. not software’s alone) that Roomie uses for making his music. Below is a list of other software’s and hardwares used by Roomie for making music.

The list features; ISOVOX 2 Soundproof Vocal Booth, Waves CLA Vocals | All In One Multi Effect Vocal Plugin, Telefunken AK-47 MKII | R F T Series Multi-Pattern Condenser Tube Microphone, Pre-calibrated studio headphones, and the RME Babyface Pro Audio Interface.


Vocal Booth for multi location soundproof vocal recording = ISOVOX-2-Home-Singing-Studio
ISOVOX 2 Vocal Booth. for Home Singing Studio

ISOVOX 2 Soundproof Vocal Booth: Roomie Tools

This ISOVOX enables you to get professional sound recording quality from the comfort of your room. Roomie uses this product. Roomie is even featured on their website of the ISOVOX.

See below for what Roomie had to say about this soundproof vocal booth. Get this ISOVOX soundproof vocal booth AND like Roomie — you will be able to record your music at irrespective of locations.


Get Vocal Booth (ISOVOX)


Video about ISOVOX

How to Setup the ISOVOX Soundproof Vocal Booth.

Watch this video below AND you will see how quick it can be to have your ISOVOX Soundproof vocal booth setup and running.


Multi-Pattern Condenser Tube Microphone = Tools that Roomie use for his music
Multi pattern condenser microphone

Telefunken AK-47 MKII | R F T Series Multi-Pattern Condenser Tube Microphone: Roomie Tools

This is a product of German engineering. So you can expect some exceptional sound advantage.

The Telefunken AK-47 MKII Incorporates modern electronics with old mint condition stock tubes and standardised parts. That’s how it delivers superb acoustic to you. [Source]

Get this Multi-Pattern Condenser Tube Microphone AND you get similar experience as this reviewer “Much better quality than a Neumann microphone, very good for a home studio with the right acoustics.”


Pre calibrated headphone = Roomie Headphones: Get this headphone AND you would have the benefit of getting an headphone that tells you the truth about your vocals and music
Roomie Pre calibrated headphone.

Pre-calibrated studio headphones: (What Music Software Does Roomie Use)

Roomie talked about this pre-calibrated studio headphones — he said:

“Once you’ve tried this, you’ll feel like every other pair of headphones are lying to you.”

Get this headphone AND you would have the benefit of getting an headphone that tells you the truth about your vocals and music 🙂


Waves CLA Vocals All In One Multi Effect Vocal Plugin

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Image of CLA Vocals plugin

Waves CLA Vocals | All In One Multi Effect Vocal Plugin: Roomie Tools

ManofMany believes that Waves CLA Vocals is Roomie’s favourite vocal plug-in.
“Roomie is fond of using the ‘Spank’ compression mode of this CLA Vocals.”

Get CLA Vocals AND your vocals could start sounding like Roomie.


RME Babyface Pro Audio Interface
The RME Babyface Pro Audio Interface.

RME Babyface Pro Audio Interface: Roomie Tools

(Studio people would agree that this list would not be complete without an Audio Interface).

With the RME Babyface Pro Audio Interface — audio interface, and your condenser microphone, you should be all set with your vocals, like Roomie.

It is compact and thus ideal for mobile recording. RME Babyface Pro Audio Interface incorporates both analog and digital circuits.

Get the RME Babyface Pro Audio Interface AND you will have the comfort from a compact audio interface like Roomie.


So that’s it for this guide that answers the question of: What music software does Roomie use?

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