“Music Notation Software” — What’s The Best “Music Notation Software” To Use?2 min read

Music Notation Software: What is the Best "Music Notation Software" to Use?

What is the Best “Music Notation Software” to Use?


So you’ve got a song and you need to write it out onto sheet music.

You can go out and buy the notebooks, or you can use music notation software.

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In this video, Logan Crockett — VP of Marketing at Full Circle Music, gives his top 3 recommendations for the best music notation software — rather than buying the Music Notation Notebooks


The NoteBook – Standard Notation volume presents blank music staves with wider interlines and spacing between staves, allowing for ledger lines and ample annotations (chord symbols, lyrics etc.). Finer lines let music notation stand out on the staff. [Source]


This episode is part of a podcast SERIES called on YouTube called “100 Music Industry Questions Answered.” You can watch the rest of this series in our playlist here.


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Free “Music Notation Software” For Beginners | “Best Notation Software”


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US: “Focusrite Scarlett 18i8” Second Generation (2nd Gen)

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US: “Shure SRH840” Professional “Monitoring Headphones”

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Recommended “Microphone Kit”

US: “MXL 990/991” Recording “Condenser Microphone”

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US: “Samson” 2 x MK10 Lightweight “Mic Stand”

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