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Anyone can write a popular Song? – a song that people will love to listen to. However, the BIG question is – how can just about anyone do this. What is the guaranteed method that you can you use to write a popular hit song? To answer that question, you need to locate where you are on the step-by-step process of creating an hit song. Lets go through the 6 steps…

The 6 Steps To Create a Good Song from Start to Finish

  • 1. Getting a song writing idea i.e. the spark.
  • 2a. Turn the song idea to a melodious chorus.
  • 2b. OR Turn your song idea into a lyrics (poem style).
  • 3. Completing and arranging your lyrics.
  • 4. Composing infectious melodies to your lyrics.
  • 5. Demo your song (recording it at home).
  • 6. Producing your song (recording it in a professional studio).
If you are struggling on how to write a song, you can execute the song writing strategies written above. I guarantee it will land you in a destination of hit songs. If you need help with any, of the song writing strategies above, Good Music Africa has experienced song writers to work with you.

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The Steps. How to Write a Hit Song

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Getting a Song Idea
(a.k.a. Your Spark) 3 COMMON SOURCES OF SONG WRITING IDEAS (a.k.a. Your Spark)
  1. Your passionate experience
  2. A striking melody in your mind
  3. Your spark can also come from reading.
A good spark will often refuse to go away. It strikes you, and it refuses to go away. A spark tingles and lingers in your subconscious mind. For example, if your spark is a striking melody, YOU WILL FIND IT DIFFICULT TO LAY-OFF. Also if your song writing spark is from your passionate experience, YOU WILL WANT TO SING ABOUT IT. You could even be singing about it subconsciously. You can think about it this way… A song writing spark is like an emotional volcano, balling inside of you. It is high-time you gave your spark an expression. Turn your spark into a music. Be a song creator, share your experience with the world. SHARE YOUR PASSION WITH THE WORLD. This is the BEAUTY OF SONG WRITING… If you need help with turning your spark into a music. And trust me, someone else around the world feels like you do too. For example, a couple Songs by Sam Smith ‘s resonates with LekanA.

Turn Your Song Idea to a Melodious Chorus.

STEP 2a: Develop it

By now I believe that you have a solid song writing spark. i.e. an idea or a passion that you feel like singing about.

You are not in lack of song writing ideas any more right?


Now lets turn your song idea into a melodious chorus or hook.

If your song writing idea in Step #1 above was melody inspired. Then you are 80% done on this Step #2

You need to adapt your chorus with the contemporary music standards, using bars and beats.

The contemporary industry standard for a chorus is 16 Beats. This is equal to 8 Bars.

You can use a metronome to constrain your song expressions.

Metronome Defination.

A metronome is good for both tempo and rhythm in songs.

Bars and Beats helps your timing in music creation. We wont get deep into the concept of bars, beats here.

It is only important for you to understand that bars and beats helps to constrain your song. To ensure it does not last forever.

Before it get all confusing. Here is the summary.

Feel free to express your self in singing BUT remember that the song should not last forever.

Contemporary radio songs don’t last for 10 minutes 🙂 That is the whole essence of bars and beats.

Bars and beats guide you to know when to conclude a particular song section. So that you can move to the next part.

PLEASE! I hope it’s clear?

Remember that Good Music Africa can help you through any of the 6 song writing steps.

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Turn your song idea into a lyrics

…just like a poet

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You do not need a special skill here. You are writing like a poet. Pouring out your passion into writing. But remember the contemporary song constraint from 2a? I am talking about beats and bars. You still need it here again. Again you don’t want your lyrics to last forever! So you need to end it after 16 beats i.e. 8 bars (for a standard chorus) And it is 32 beats i.e. 8 bars (for a standard verse) And that is how you will complete your lyrics writing. I won’t go into details of steps 3, 4, 5, & 6 here, because I do not want to overwhelm you with too many information at once. But confidently I’m telling you, we have solved the most difficult steps.

And below are the recap of the remaining steps.

  • 3. Completing and arranging your lyrics — This is the time for you to write lyrics for your verses and bridge. Remember the bars & beats? — You will need 16 bars or 32 beats to limit each verse of your song.
  • 4. Composing infectious melodies to your lyrics — This is the act of turning your lyrics into a singable melody
  • 5. Demo your song from home — Recording your song pieces in a non professional studio environment.
  • 6. Producing your song — This is where you go into a professional studio session to deliver your recording.
Do This Now Reserve your space with us. You’ll use the message to briefly tell us about the scope of your song project. Nothing too crazy, we just need the basics about where you are on the song writing process. No spark at all, you have a lyrics already etc. That way we can understand your event before we talk and get right to business.

Here’s What Will Happen Next

Once you’ve sent the message, Henry (from Good Music Africa) will call you to speak more about your song writing inquiry music. To gather more information so we can accurately plan out how to assign one or more song writers to you. It’s important that you provide enough information about the scope of your song. Because if you don’t we wont know how to assign the right song writer to you. You will hear from us within 24 business hours after submitting your application.

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