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Do you even know the benefits of commercial jingle for businesses?

Haven’t you heard about it?

Well, a jingle is a brief song or tune, utilized for advertising and other commercial purposes.

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Organizations at various levels can benefits from jingles. This reason is because a jingles serves as sound branding.

Great jingles consists of one or more hooks. Hooks are the catchy and memorable elements of a song.

Jingles are explicitly designed to promote the organization which is being advertised. This could be for brand, merchandise, or service promotion. Successful jingles consists of one or more advertising slogans.

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Uses of Commercial Jingles

Jingles are used by advertisers for radio and television, and internet commercials etc.

Jingles are also used in non-advertising contexts to improve or maintain a brand image.

How to Create Commercial Jingles

Jingles can be created using snippet of popular songs. In this case, copyright laws may apply, depending on the popular song, that is used.

In such cases, the lyrics must be well modified, such that it changes changes from communicating the meaning of that popular song, to promoting the objective of the jingle owner.

Organizations that are kin on benefiting greatly from jingle creation, would normally hire a commercial jingle specialist.

Good-Music Africa has a commercial jingle department, and it can help to create your commercial jingles. Request a quote from one of our Jingle Specialists.

Radio Jingles

“Most often the term ‘radio jingles’ can be used to collectively describe all elements of radio station branding or identification.

Radio Jingle — in the context of radio is used to describe only those station branding elements which are musical, or sung” — Wikipedia.

Musical Jingles elements include Instrumentals, beats, and audio effects.

Sung Jingles elements includes lyrics and vocal expressions.

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Jingle Creation

Brand and Company Commercial Jingles

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Sung Jingles are the most common form of radio station branding.

Radio Jingle Creation

A radio jingle is created by session singers. It usually includes a musical expression, of the name of the radio station. (e.g. Soundcity Radio Abuja).
It also includes the frequency channel of the radio station. (e.g. 96.3 FM).

Radio stations could hire the service of a radio jingle producer. Radio jingle producers are specialists. works with a number of radio jingles maker. They will create the musical sound and melody of the jingle for the radio station.

The creation is done in conjunction with the session singers (the vocalist).

Radio Jingles: Usage on the Radio

The finished jingle is thus dispatched to the station across various time variations. Radio program anchors (e.g. MC Shotcut of Wazobia FM Abuja), will now be able to broadcast it during their programs.
They also broadcast it in between songs.

Radio Jingles are also used in broadcasting, in-to and out-of economic commercial breaks.

Apart from hiring Commercial Jingle specialists, radio jingles could also be created by production staff of the radio.

Good-Music Africa has a dedicated department for commercial jingle creation.

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