Indie Song Blog: Remember That – by OKIKI of AFRICA — Afro Pop Singer (VIDEO)1 min read

Remember that – New Afro Pop Song by Okiki of Africa.

Watch Video of New Afro pop song by okiki of Africa || This song is another African Pop song, with some natural music flavour, Wizkid, Davido | Pop Songs

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“Okiki of Africa is an artist based in Hamburg Germany specialising in Afrobeat,Hiphop,street and world music.Also watch out for Reggae,Dancehall and even R&B themed tracks.Multi talented and multi dimensional.I employ engaging lyrics as I model my music after the great Fela Anikulapo Kuti.We are social and political critics and we are young.My music is for people all over the world who have to fight and struggle everyday just to be able to do what they really like doing.Musicians,artists,Students…the list goes on.My Music is for all people who are discriminated against for any silly reason or the other…..People who cannot get a job because they do not speak perfect English or French or Spanish….My music is for all indigenous and cultural bands.My music is for all Indigenous Languages in the world.No language is bigger or more important than the other.No Country bigger than the other,no religion more perfect than the other,and no man greater than the other.That’s MY MUSIC”
[soliloquy slug="okiki-of-africa-1"] 1 - Let it Rain Down On Me

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