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Digital Music Promotion.

Artist Growth Combo – by good music Africa

Digital Music Promotion: Artist Growth Combo by good music

Artist Growth Combo is a collection of services, designed for the growth of musicians — particularly suitable for upcoming artists who need growth in today’s music industry.

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“There is always a Next Step, No matter where you are”

The Artist Growth Combo AGC, is a combo pack that guarantees to give musicians a push — especially independent artists.

Artist Growth Combo pack is a leverage product from’ years of learning and experience of the global music industry.

So what you want to do is take on the leverage the Artist Growth Plan offers.
AGC is everything an artist needs for growth in today’s music industry, — it will give any musician a boost no matter their current level.

F.A.Q on AGC

  1. What makes up AGC?
    1. Music distribution: to digital music stores (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon MP3 etc)
    2. Official Audio VIdeo
    3. Official Lyrics Video
    4. Digital store traffic!
    5. Song playlist feature
    6. Online radio plays
    7. Song review publication
  2. What’s the price of AGC?
    You get to decide the pricing. It’s like you shopping for products. The price depends on how many of the combo you select.

Artist growth combo leverages the digital media.
Any of the services guarantees growth music promotion within the digital media.

Artist Growth Combo by is guaranteed to PUSH you forward as an Independent | indie | upcoming, or Do-It-Yourself DIY Artist.

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