“Free Music Software” Setting up a DAW and Recording Music with 100% Free Software!1 min read

"Free Music Software" Setting up a DAW and Recording Music with 100% Free Software!

Setting up a DAW and Recording Music with 100% Free Software

In this video, I will be testing out an operating system called Linux Ubuntu Studio. Ubuntu Studio comes with free software loaded with everything for audio, video, and graphics work.

Thanks to Ubuntu Studio, setting up a Digital Audio Workstation (or DAW) is cheap and easy! There is a learning curve, but the trade-off is a secure system that is very, very reliable.

The DAW software is called Ardour5 and will work on almost any distribution of Linux.

“Ardour5” is also free and is easily found when using software like Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, PopOS, and Linux Mint.


“Free Music Making Software For Beginners” | DAW and Recording Music with “100% Free Software”

If you want more information and a tutorial on how to set this up in detail please visit – https://guitarpedaldemos.com/free-daw-setup-guide-using-linux/

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