“Free Music Software”: “Best FREE DAW Software” for “Music Production 2019”2 min read

"Free Music Software" Best FREE DAW software for Music Production 2019


The best free DAW software for music production 2019. Which free DAW is best for the beginner music producer?


In this video Iโ€™ll test 15 “free daw software” packages (“Reaper”, “LMMS”, “Soundbridge”, “Garageband”, “T7” and many more), “daw comparison” functionality and see if they are really free.

What is the best best music production software for beginners and what free DAW software for the advanced music producer?

There are a lot of free music making software out there, but a lot of them have limitations.
To get a better overview of them, in this video all the advantages and disadvantages of the various free digital audio workstations are explained.

The decisive factors here are whether third-party plugins are supported, the number of tracks and projects is limited, or any other factor that might hinder you to make your next hit.


  • 1:00 Audiotool
  • 2:26 Bandlab
  • 4:07 Pro Tools First
  • 4:39 Ohm Studio
  • 5:28 Soundbridge
  • 6:44 Ardour
  • 6:56 T7 by Tracktion (Waveform)
  • 8:08 Garageband
  • 9:15 Cakewalk by Bandlab
  • 9:50 Studio One Prime
  • 11:28 LMMS
  • 13:04 Qtractor
  • 13:51 Rosegarden
  • 14:26 Audacity
  • 15:17 Reaper DAW
  • 16:45 Podium
  • 17:45 Stagelight
  • 19:05 Conclusion


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  • Reaper
  • LMMS
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  • T7 by Tracktopm
  • QTractor
  • Ardour
  • Cakewalk by Bandlab


Free “Music Making Software” For Beginners | “Free music software list”

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