Interview with Rose May Alaba: Navigating the Music Scene in Nigeria and Beyond3 min read

Interview with Rose May Alaba Navigating the Music Scene in Nigeria and Beyond

Today’s Interview features an exclusive interview with the exceptionally talented artist, Rose May Alaba. Hosted by Kim Opera and Pascal, this episode promises an engaging discussion about Rose May’s musical journey, her challenges, and her insights on the music industry.

From Vienna to Nigeria: A Musical Journey (Rose May Alaba)

Rose May, a talented artist originally from Vienna, is back in Nigeria to immerse herself in the vibrant music scene. “I love the vibe here, the studio energy, the food, and the warmth,” she shares. Despite her love for Vienna, Rose May finds Nigeria’s atmosphere more conducive to creativity and productivity.

Challenges in the Nigerian Music Industry (Rose May Alaba)

Transitioning to the Nigerian music industry comes with its challenges. Rose May highlights the difficulty of finding genuine support: “The music industry is a jungle. Finding the right people who genuinely want to help you takes time, and disappointment is frequent.” Despite these hurdles, she emphasizes the importance of having a trustworthy team, especially in promotions, to avoid being exploited.

The Contrast: Music in Austria vs. Nigeria (Rose May Alaba)

Comparing the music scenes in Austria and Nigeria, Rose May notes the traditional nature of Austrian music, which is dominated by German songs on the radio. “Afrobeat is still gaining ground in Austria, driven by the Nigerian community there,” she explains. This contrast makes her trips to Nigeria essential for her to stay connected with the Afrobeat sound and audience.

Women in the Music Industry: A Call for Collaboration (Rose May Alaba)

The conversation shifts to the dynamics between female artists in the industry. Rose May advocates for more collaboration among female artists. “We often collaborate with men, but supporting each other as women can significantly boost our growth,” she asserts. She acknowledges that the industry is gradually recognizing female artists, but believes more can be done to foster a supportive environment.

Personal Reflections: Family and Career (Rose May Alaba)

Growing up in a musical household, Rose May’s passion for music was inevitable. With a father who was an artist and a mother who sang on the radio, her home was filled with music and karaoke nights. This nurturing environment set the stage for her career in music.

New Music and Future Projects

new single, “More,”

Rose May recently released a new single, “More,” which combines house music, EDM, and Afrobeat, creating an Afro-Fusion sound. This single is the first from her upcoming EP, set to drop in a few months. The song explores themes of love and the desire for more attention from a partner, a topic that resonates universally.

New Single: Rose May Alaba – Lockdown 2.0 (Official Video) ft. Camidoh

Fun Segment: Learning German and Quick Fire Questions (Rose May Alaba)

Adding a fun twist, Pascal and Kim learn some basic German phrases from Rose May. They also dive into a rapid-fire question session, where Rose May showcases her knowledge about the Nigerian music scene and shares some light-hearted moments.

Closing Thoughts

Rose May’s journey is a testament to her resilience and passion for music. Her experiences highlight the importance of genuine support and collaboration in the industry. As she continues to bridge the gap between the music scenes in Austria and Nigeria, her unique sound and perspective promise to leave a lasting impact.

Don’t miss out on Rose May’s latest single “More,” available on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned for more updates and insights on Trending with Kim Opera and Pascal.

Watch the Full Interview below:

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