Let me introduce you to Howmon; A DIY Music Artist. Another hit musician from the Nigeria music industry. His real name is Solomon Abbey.

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Songs by Howmon

  1. Babatise Howmon 02:58
  2. Lalala Howmon 03:43
  1. Download Babatise by Howmon
  2. Download Lalala by Howmon
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About Howmon

This dude has mega talent revolving around music. Howmon is a Sound Engineer, a Music Producer, a Music Artist, a creative Song Writer, and a backup vocalist

It will interest you to know, that He personally engineered some of his studio session. Howmon single handedly produced Babatise. Listen to Babatise, and you will be quick to appreciate the artistic creativity of this dude.

He is one of the classic music producers in Lagos Nigeria.

Howmon, is certainly a DIY Music Artist you should watch out for.

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Book Howmon for Events

Using Howmon for your event is certainly a good decision.

With 2 classic songs selected into his playlist. You get 6 minutes of live music.

He has a hit song about birthday. Omo Olojo Ibi (The Birthday Song) is a Birthday song in both English and Yoruba languages.

Great Marx has lots of experience with live performance. This guarantees the entertainment of your audience.

Using an Independent artist for your events offers you valuable advantages. You save you cost. Compared to paying 7 digits (millions) to book any of the already famous musicians from the Nigeria music Industry.

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