“Pls Come Back Soon” – Asa Left Fans Wanting More In Abuja (Celebrity News)2 min read

Not always do Nigerians get to experience superstar Asa Live on stage. However this weekend was different. Asa was LIVE in Abuja Transcorp Hilton. This post shows Asa in a short rehearsal with her music band. And how Nigerians reacted to the superstar music artist and entertainer: Asa.

If you’re a fan of Asa, then get to see Asa closely in this post.
Asa Shares Her Crew Rehearsal: #crewlove

In a tweet on a Twitter page, the super star Asa shared “White heart BTS #crewlove”

Asa’s crew is excellent and commendable.

Celebrity News: Asa Transcorp Hilton Abuja 2021 April

The stage lighting is awesome.
Drummers, Pianist, Crew Management were all on point

No doubt — Asa is a world class music artist. And her Crew rehearsal has just reasserted that.

Asa’s Jailer song is an amazing evergreen song. Jailer was a Pop song by Asa. The song was released in 2007 by Aṣa. An evergreen Pop song.


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  1. I am Missing You - A Love Song LekanA 3:47

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Commentary and Reaction

Celebrity News Today: Asa Transcorp Hilton Abuja 2021 April

And as you would expect, some Nigerians have reacted in different flavors — to Video from Asa.

A comment came from the context of Asa dressing in the Video.
That’s probably the only mixed feelings on the video.
The reaction came in the context of Nudity 🙁

Checkout some of the comments below;

@arogundadelanre wrote “How can someone like diz not having a Grammy”.

@vicoglove wrote “A show that got me speechless .pls come back soon”

@AnnPeculiar wrote ” A queen, Your music is a spell that doesn’t ware!.”

@Quans_tweet wrote “energy is out of this world”

@Itzgabriel2 wrote “One day I’m gonna see u perform live and sing your songs with u accordingly”

Over to you

Do you think Asa deserves a Grammy already?
Have you seen Asa perform her songs LIVE on stage?
Which of the songs of Asa do you like till date?


No doubt Asa is a talented singer, and music artist. More an all round entertainer.
I would like to see some more classic dressing too.

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