Indie Song Blog: WASSERMANN (Piano Version) – by OUT OF CLUTTER

New Song: Wassermann (Piano Version) – by OUT OF CLUTTER Read more about these Musicians from Vienna, Wien Austria. “Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Members: Lisa Janisch & Ina Jaschinski (Vocals and Songwriting), Thomas Glaser (Guitar), Alex Unterkreuter (Bass), Christian Gützer (Saxophon) If two voices to harmonize that you become one it is either Magic or out of clutter. According to the motto “get out of the chaos, into … Read More

Indie Song Blog: Let it Rain On Me: by OKIKI of AFRICA (Motivational Songs)

LET IT RAIN (by Okiki of Africa) Okiki of Africa. Okiki of Africa is Nigerian an Afropop Artist based in Hamburg Germany .  Download Let it Rain by Okiki of Africa Download the Ringing tone of Let it Rain Read about Okiki of Africa “Okiki of Africa is an artist based in Hamburg Germany specializing in Afro-beat, Hip-hop,street and world music.Also watch out for Reggae,Dancehall and even R&B themed tracks.Multi talented and multi dimensional.I employ engaging lyrics as I model … Read More

Nigeria Birthday Song: “OMO OLOJO IBI” by Gmarx

If you’re looking for a top birthday song, then OMO OLOJO IBI is a top Yoruba birthday song for you. Please enjoy this excellent Yoruba birthday song. Top Yoruba Birthday song: OMO OLOJO IBI – by GMARX — Thousands of Digital Downloads. OMO OLOJO IBI is downloaded daily from around the world. It is particularly downloaded from Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria and even more. I’m amazed at the download rate. The evergreen Yoruba birthday celebration song, is … Read More

Nigeria birthday songs: It Is Your Birthday: by Lekana

Download Happy Birthday Song by LekanA “It Is Your Birthday” by LekanA is an Happy Birthday Song, which is suitable as Birthday songs for Adult | Kids By Good Music Africa | Expert IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY is becoming one of the popular birthday songs in many countries of the world — it is downloaded daily from around the world! Especially in the United States, Nigeria, Canada, Austria, India, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Finland, and some other countries! Evergreen birthday … Read More

Indie Song Blog: Nigerian Singer Artist: Siji – Soul Singer

siji Nigerian musician New & Next: Meet Nigerian Soul Singer, Siji (3:15) The British-born singer describes his music as “Yoruba soul,” a fusion of all his musical influences and life experiences in England, Nigeria and New York. Watch him perform the title track from his latest EP, “Children of the Sun.” From siji nigerian musician, According to the Yoruba, “Omo l’ere aiye”. This means a child is life’s ultimate reward. Regardless of what others might say, I truly believe that … Read More