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Best New Songs = Best New Songs This Week _ From Jackson Wang To Lil Uzi, to Giolì & Assia

This article is about the Best new songs this Week. Coronavirus got everyone on hold. Everyone immediately feels topsy-turvy, cancellations, closures and postponements everywhere. This didn’t stop the Best new songs this Week from showing up — well that’s because song makers released their songs digitally nowadays.

Coronavirus and Music

Apart from musicians not been able to perform live shows, the new music releases continues. (Thank God for Internet, and the digital era, — Music goes on.)

Luckily, there’s one medium that anyone with a web connection can access without walking out the front door. We leverage that to bring you this list of Best new songs this Week.

Songs on the List: Best songs of the week

The list features 5 new song — hot songs.

Jackson Wang started the list with “100 Ways”.

The list continued with “Habibi,” by Giolì & Assia. (A trance inducing song, — giving a flavour of Spanish and French lyrics ontop of an Arabic instrumentals.)

Third song on the list of best songs of the week is “On the Floor” by Perfume Genius. “On the Floor,” is a new single from the artists upcoming May album — “Set My Heart on Fire Immediately”. (The title of the upcoming album is extreme for me — I would never name an album like that!)

This list of latest Best songs within the week continued with “Persona Non Grata,” by Bright Eyes. (Bright Eyes has been away from making songs for a while now — so this a comeback track. “Persona Non Grata,” is Bright Eyes’ first track in nine years.

Lil Uzi Vert continued the list with “Myron” (Myron which currently debuted at number 13, on the Billboard’s Hot 100.)

The song List

“100 Ways,” Jackson Wang (Best new songs this Week)

Jackson Wang is a member of the pop group known as GOT7 — based in South Korea. Wang is a singer, and dancer based in South Korea — seeming now like a breakout solo stars. [1]

Jackson Wang Album: Mirrors.

Previously Jackson Wang’ solo album Mirrors broke through on the Billboard charts, his media presence has been refreshed. This has helped him create a space for himself.

About His new song “100 Ways”

His new song “100 Ways” which is an electronic track with minor-key, features flutes that gives him a specific sound. Wang sings in English about being “the only one that you simply need”

(It’s not possible for Wang to be the only one that you need — Only GOD fits that position)

Idea behind “100 Ways” by Jackson Wang.

The Chinese, has said his character within the song is taken from an ancient Chinese tale. His take, however, feels thoroughly modern. So here is the song below.

the goodmusicAfrica upcoming Song of the Day

  1. I am Missing You - A Love Song LekanA 3:47

Like it? Download It

“Habibi,” Giolì & Assia. (Best new songs this Week)

Electronic producers/singer-songwriters/musicians Giolì & Assia are Italian. Due to covid 19 times! — they’ve been quarantined in Sicily for the previous few weeks. They await the global health crisis to fade away. But covid 19 hasn’t stopped them from releasing this new song — “Habibi”.

About “Habibi,”

It’s a trance-inducing vibe track, which features Spanish and French lyrics and an Arabic instrumental influence. In other words, if you’d wish to redefine “world music” for subsequent generation, it’d sound very much like what these forward-thinking duo are currently making.

“Habibi” is laid-back but propulsive, an electronic song that asks for meditation and connection quite action.

Effect of coronavirus & music

Many musicians have had to cancel tours. Majority have decided to live stream sessions from their quarantine location — to YouTube. They used to broadcast Live sessions.

Below is the song below “Habibi,” by Giolì & Assia.

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“On the Floor” Perfume Genius.

A new single — coming off from Perfume Genius’ upcoming May album — titled: Set My Heart ablaze Immediately. (I would never name an album like this — never!). Perfume Genius real name is Mike Hadreas — (born September 25, 1981). He’s better known by his stage name Perfume Genius. He is an American singer.

“On The Floor” is the upcoming album’s second single. The song is has a bouncy bop tune with a chorus that sounds like it’s from the 1950’s.

The lyrics are about an unrequited crush, and the physical discomfort of that solitary experience. This song is about him wrestling with his feelings.

“Persona Non Grata,” Bright Eyes’ (Best new songs this Week)

It’s Bright Eyes’ first track in nine years.

The track is additionally their first single since signing to Dead Oceans. Alongside with the new song release, Bright Eyes shared a note that says they “will be releasing a replacement album this year no matter what.” They also acknowledge the times of Coronavirus: Covid 19: full statement below:

“Persona Non Grata,” Bright Eyes’

Below is “Persona Non Grata” by Bright Eyes.

“Myron” Lil Uzi Vert (Best new songs this Week)

Lil Uzi Vert Record Vert scores another massive week on the Billboard’s charts. He lands 22 songs on the most recent Billboard Hot 100 chart — including all his 14 new releases.

About “Myron”

The song — “Myron” debuted at number 13, on the Billboard’s Hot 100. Chatting a minimum of twenty-two tracks on Billboard hot 100.

In the 61-year history of the Hot 100 chart, only two other artists have charted a minimum of twenty-two songs simultaneously. (Drake, and Lil-Wayne)

Drake has achieved the feat 3 times, and holds the record for the foremost concurrent entries.

Lil Wayne had also landed 22 songs on the Hot 100 directly with the release of his “Tha Carter V” — in 2018.

Below is Lil Uzi Vert‘ — Myron.

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