Welcome to INDIES INSPIRE. An inspirational program for the independent artist, unsigned musicians across the globe. We just want to inspire and motivate the independent artists.

This program collects inspiration from other unsigned artist across the music industry, especially those who have successful music projects. Our team employs our creative writing skills, to present their stories to you, in a way that leaves you inspired, and fired up. Discover the biography and discographies of successful musicians around. INDIES INSPIRE promises to inspire every indie artist.

Apart from inspiring discographies of musicians, The following are some other major highlights, the inspire program will be covering.

“Paradigm Shift in the Music Industry” …”Its your time, Take-it” ->We also create a glossary reference, on the Music industry terms, so you can see it isn’t rocket science
“The Global Potency of Good Music” …”good music always sells” (pick albums of artist)
“Importance of Mission Statement in Music Career Goals” i.e. What is even your goal?
“Careers in the Music Industry”: We create a glossary reference, on the types of jobs in the music industry. So you can know that, there is room for you, in this industry.
“Importance of Having a Brand Website: A case study of lekanA’s single” …you can promote yourself! -> Download our free guide to having a successful Indie Website.

We MOTIVATE you, so you can make hit songs:
1 We MOTIVATE you, so you can make hit songs, through analysis #analysis
2 We MOTIVATE you to make energetic recording, by analysing successful ones
3 We MOTIVATE you to make energetic live performances by #Analysis
4 We MOTIVATE you to step to the street to experience the life of a street musician