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The Artist Growth Plan AGP, is a combo pack that guarantees to give musicians a push — especially independent artists.

AGP combo pack is a product from’ years of learning and experience of the global music industry.

So what you want to do is take on the leverage the Artist Growth Plan offers.

AGP is everything an artists needs for growth in today’s music industry, — it will give any musician a boost no matter their current level.


1: What’s the price of AGP?

AGP pricing is in 3 different combo — so the price depends on which of the 3-level Combo Packs you’d like to get.

Either of the 3 guarantees growth for the career of upcoming artists (independent artist — no barriers worldwide). The tactics on Artist Growth Plan by works.

2: What if I cant afford any of the Combo Packs?

Yes — that’s common among upcoming artists who are truly just starting it. So we allow for product shopping — kind of a window shopping thing.

It basically means that you can pick as you like from any of the combo packs to make your own packs. that way you are in control of how much you get to pay.

At that case you would get a unit price for each of the services that makes up the Artist Growth Plan.

Artist Growth Plan is a collection of services, targeted towards the growth of musicians — particularly suitable for upcoming artists who needs growth in today’s music industry.

“There is always a Next Step, No matter where you are”

Artist Growth Plan by is guaranteed to give you PUSH as an Independent — indie — or upcoming — or Do-It-Yourself DIY Artist.

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