Sam Smith, Stay with me Cover, Nigerian Male Lekana

Stay With me – Sam Smith Cover by LekanA

Sam Smith Stay with me Cover Male Lekana Nigerian.

Enjoy Sam Smith Stay with me Cover Male Lekana Nigerian

This Sam Smith Stay with Me Cover is done with Sam’s original instrumentals; so the sound is crisp and classic. 😉 I am including below, the YouTube link to Stay with me (instrumental)

This is likely going to be the BEST ‘SAM SMITH’ home demo you would find. Passionate and Crisp version of the song.
I enjoyed the studio session also. Thanks to Emmay. for searching the instrumental for me.

I had so much really like to do this for a long time, but i just couldn’t but, as soon as i got the sound track; boom i knew it was time to drop it. !! Please let me know if you would like me to take another sam smith cover. I would be more than excited to do it. I am thinking of making Sam Smith’s – I’m Not The Only One next. Please let me know in the comment box below. Thank you so much for listening to Lekana’s version of Sam Smith

I will be dropping my own songs in a jiffy from now. I sing about Love, Life, Worship to God. But professionally, I’m a motivational singer. I want to motivate you. I just want to talk to you on topics that really matters, and i will be doing that with my songs. I will certainly be posting them on YouTube, so SUBSCRIBE. Thanks.

PS: Wanna play it on your phone as audio? Download the audio version here
PSS: Here is the video link to the instrumentals:
PSSS: If there is any part of this cover, which strikes you, please let me know also in the comment box.