We do Music Creation (support and assistance)

  • Are you writing a lyrics but you feel it’s hard to complete it?
  • Are you composing a song, but its hard to complete it?
  • Or maybe you just need a professional review, on your music demo (before booking a professional recording studio)
  • Do you need a constructive song review, that will make your demo better?
  • Also if you need a movie script for the story board, on your next music video.

The music creation services, are affordable – Indie friendly prices.

Music creation support and assistance can help you out. See the full listing of our music creation services.


We Do Music Promotion

As you probably know, the goal of music promotion is to attract attention to your music i.e. “creating the buzz”. You just need people to know about your music. And more precisely, you need the ideal people to know about your music, and be obsessed about it.

Music promotion is important for you, because it grows your brand as a music artist.

You also probably know that the scope of the music industry has changed. The strategies for music promotion has metamorphosed, new strategies has evolved. The competition for music attention has also increased.

And pathetically, as an independent music artist, you should be focusing more on your musicmanship, showmanship etc.

You need time to write new songs, rehearse your songs, and improve your song writing skills.

Good news! we are here to help again!

As one of the best indie music site, we will help you create the buzz about your music. Either your promotion goal is for record labels to discover you, or you want to drive more sales to your album, or you just even want to sell more tickets for your live music events. Our innovative music promotion strategies will help you attain your next milestone.

Count on us for Indie music streaming, on our indie music station. Our indie music playlist is dedicated to the indie music artist

We have more music promotion strategies. Start using our Indie music promotion.


We offer Indie Music Consultancy (IMC)

The Indies Music Consultancy (IMC), offers a 15 minutes one-on-one live call session, for independent musicians globally. IMC offers top industry advice on the following topics:

  • Live performance
  • Artist Development
  • Music Project Marketing strategies
  • Radio Promotion
  • Music Merchandise.
  • Public Relations.

There is always a next step, no matter where you are. IMC is guaranteed to help you reach that next milestone on your DIY music career. IMC is free of charge (We accept Voluntary donations). Schedule your Indie Music Consultancy appointment.


We do Music Distribution

Start using our Indie Music Distribution.


We do Indie Artist Booking

Start using our Indie Artist Booking Website


PS: For donations, or mandatory payment remittance, we accept:

  • Paypal
  • Western Union money transfer
  • Direct bank deposit
  • or give us a shout out to tell us your alternative payment method.