Nigerian Birthday Music: OMO OLOJO IBI by Gmarx

Looking for a top birthday song? OMO OLOJO IBI is a top Yoruba birthday song!

Lets dive in 🙂

OMO OLOJO IBI is the best Yoruba birthday song out there. [notice I said best Yoruba] yes it is!
(Interestingly, Gmarx produced the track by himself – composed, produced, mixed, and mastered).

Gmarx has lots of talents revolving around music.

As a UK trained music producer, and CEO of Kobatunm-Music-Studio, Ikeja, Lagos, — I wouldn’t expect less from him!

(Exclusive rights) Play, and download OMO OLOJO IBI – popularly known as the Yoruba Birthday Song.

Happy listening!

Top Yoruba Birthday song: OMO OLOJO IBI.

This evergreen Yoruba birthday celebration song, is soft and classic. A dance able birthday song for two.

If you are celebrating the birthday of a lover [Romeo and Juliet] 🙂 this mature birthday song is suitable for lovers birthday.

Feel free to dedicate it to your friend — your special friend – I guess?

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Once again,download OMO OLOJO IBI the Yoruba birthday song

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Success with OMO OLOJO IBI: Thousands of digital download.

OMO OLOJO IBI is downloaded daily from around the world. It is particularly downloaded from Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria and even more.

I’m amazed at the download rate.

Listen once again:

New Nigerian birthday song - Omo Olojo Ibi HIT song by g-marx
Gmarx Producer of Omo Olojo Ibi

Download Olojo Ibi

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