You Create the Music — We’ll Create the BUZZ

INDIES MUSIC PROMOTION (IMP) is an effective buzz program for indie artist. The IMP is guaranteed to boost the popularity of your brand. We use all our creativity, and promotion strategies to help you create the effective buzz about your music. Irrespective of your goal, as an indie musician, you need a buzz, you need the promotion. Weather your goal is to get the attention of record labels, so they can discover you, OR you want to maintain your freedom, and stay 100% independent about your music business, you can count on our IMP. => Discover how we use creativity, and promotion strategies to help you create a successful buzz about your music.

Music promotion, and music buzz is what the successful musician do. And that is the reason you always hear about them. They release a new song, (and boom) everyone knows about it. Its no coincidence!. They simply understand that music is a business, so they never joke with the publicity, buzz, and promotion. Dear Indie Artist, let me tell you this; you need to get the word out there about your music. And you can entrust all your music buzz, PR, and promotion in our hands. We handle your buzz and publicity, so that you can focus on the artistic part of your music career. The music creation, and performance of your music career needs you.

When we market your music, we make it a priority to aim the tip of our dart directly at the bull’s eye that represent your ideal fans. In other words, we are laser focused. We do this by sending targeted messages to the platforms (websites, blogs, podcasts, online forums, newspapers, magazines, radio station, organization) that your potential fans visit.

Our promotion strategies reflects our understanding of what music marketing entails: making awareness, make meaningful connection with fans, offer music, offer merchandise.

We offer free and paid music promotion packages. Don’t worry, both are good. You can choose either the free, or the paid package. Your choice should depend on the buzz rate, that you want for your music.

When you use our paid INDIE MUSIC PROMOTION package, it means we will execute more buzz and promotion strategies for you. And in addition, we will run a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) before and after the campaign is over. This will ensure that we are able to measure the effectiveness of our service to you.

We accept donation for all our FREE Promo Packages. Help us do more …Select any 3

1: Playlist _across platforms: We create our playlist across platforms, we promote it& get traffic to it
2: Self managed artist profile: We install artist promotion plugin: We promote it for people to submit
3: our online radio station: We build an online radio platform. #Discover Unsigned Artist. Pitch to labels
4: song charts and rating page: We inform artist that we will use there song in our charting system, We install song chatting plugin. We promote the chart on relevant outlets, including socialMedia
5: Tracks preview Video: Songs from various artists, We lay 30secs preview of your tracks. We select the hook part for you. We post it on our site, and link to each of the tracks in the preview playlist
6: Chorus playlist (Video): #IndieChorus; chorus from various artists; We compile Chorus of songs, and make playlist of the choruses alone. We accept comments about the choruses, we link to the song page listing on our site. We promote it on all our playlists, and channels. Instagram, twitter, youtube, vimeo, etc.
7: We blog your songs: We collect the song, the lyrics, the meaning of the song, the artist, We inform you that we accept donations, we inform you that, we inform you that we may use your song, in our charting system, playlist system, online radio etc. that is our USP. We introduce our upsell services e.g. lyrics creation
8: Local open MIC: We make open Mic music night for indie artist in our current city. e.g. in Abuja.
9: #HashTagBuzz: We coin unique hashtags for your campaign. We join you to promote it, free for 7 days

Here is another promotion package. On this package, please note that donation is necessary.

-DJ Indie Mix: We collect songs from indie artists and We fix your music into our DJ #IndieMix playlist, and we promote the mix on all our outreach channels, including a post that lists the tracks and name of the artists. The list also links to the individual page of artists.
-DJ Indie Mix + Top spot: We accept donation to feature your song in 1st 5 positions of the DJ Indie Mix.
-Grow your profile: Internal platform: We create ad banner that leads to your page with us, or to an external page, This can be used to grow your profile, or to increase your download
-email collection: We create email collection campaign that displays on your page
-Grow your profile + email collection
-Local open MIC + Be the star: We make you the featured artist on our ABUJA-City Open Mic program. It means you get the in-house privileged of been featured as the star artist for that program that brings together indie artists, their guest, and other music stakeholders.
-Lyrics distribution to over 30 free lyrics sites
-Music submission to over 30 free music sites
-Music submission to music libraries.
-local gig with us
-#HashTagBuzz: We coin unique hashtags for your campaign. We join you to promote it for 30 days

1: homepage Spotlight: #Artist To watch Out For #WaOFor #Lekana: We put you up on our Homepage slider, links to your profile with us, links to your profile of yourself,
2: R=with exclusive artist video Production interviews: We produce the video montage for you, we add it to our pages, to our video playlists, and you get a copy also.
3: R=with exclusive artist audio interview: We interview you, and link it to your pages (with us and otherwise), We do that once a week/month every first Wednesday, we put it on our communication channels.
4-Biography writing
5-Local street music with us: around campus, we sell merchandise and street music gadgets, we brand the venue.
6-email list-by location, for touring: We implement it on your website for your. We can also implement it on your personal page on our platform
-Viral Video Creation: Using your lyrics for Kinetic motion. and distribution strategies including on whatsApp
-Viral Video Creation: Using random pictures. and distribution strategies including on whatsApp
-Viral Video Creation: Using your pictures. We distribute the videos. and distribution strategies
7-Ad inserter promo: we give you an adword slot that leads to your pages
The following KPI’s can be measured; Number of downloaded tracks, Number of streams on music streaming services, event ticket sales, brand awareness, artist bookings etc. (ADD MORE, and search “music promotion KPI”)
8: -DJ music distribution: We distribute your music to DJ’s locally and internationally. We have partnership with the top event DJ around.
9:-Endorsement by celebrity. we pitch your music to celebrities in our network. they give shout out for your music, thus giving you a fast attention. this is just 1/100
10-Taking your music to where your prospects are offline and online: forums, events, seminars etc.
11: MTN caller tunes: This is a refundable pack. Depending on the quality of your song, we submit your song to Network operators, for caller tune adoption.
12: Lyrics Merchandise on T-shirt, face caps, other merchandises: We create loveable merchandise from your lyrics. We choose the lyrics together, we give the strategy, and tips to sell. Please note that people buy based on emotion. so we recommend you follow our guideline on creating sellable music, if you have plans to sell music merchandise.
13: Electronic Press Kit – EPK: We create a professional EPK for you. it will contain the following: •Band photograph/poster/logo • Your latest CD, demo or links to downloads • Biography • Latest band newsletter, gig flyer or tour schedule/itinerary • Press clippings of reviews and editorials (link all press to your website) • Performance video/DVD/links to YouTube postings • Contact information (Include your social media accounts)

-short quotes: We coin quotes from your lyrics. Next we create social media graphics from those quotes. Next we post it for you on our Lyrics Quote Page (LQP – know the meaning of the songs). Next, we also post it on our social media pages.

-short loops: We loop a hook from your song. Next we lay it on a funny MEME video, next we lay it on pictures of you, next lay it on a lyrics video, next we lay it on a catchy video, next you can suggest a catchy video you want.
-viral dance: Similar to the short loop videos, we loop a hook from your song, next we hire a promo dancer, Next we hire a public figure (not a celebrity) to dance to it, next we hire a public figure to sing along your song, next we hire a public figure to motivate their fans, to do the same.

-Viral dance contest: VDC is similar to the viral dance VD. VDC additionally offers a monetary incentive for the dancers. Strategically profitable. Keeping in mind that music is a business. Imagine the buzz that your song will generate if about 50,000 people take part in your contest. only to win a 100$ incentive (good for them, sure, but definitely good for your brand too). Now imagine if we had to run a google campaign for the contest. you could reach over 100,000 people participate in the contest) and the beautiful part is this, we get their contacts information on the sign up page for the contest. Thus you can freely reach them to participate in your next contest, but this time, it would now be free of charge.

-Influencer Endorsements – Downloads: The goal of this is to promote download of your song, or increase streams of your song. So, depending on your song theme, we will get a relevant influencer(s) in your niche, to promote the download of your song. We do this by creating a barcode that will lead to your download-link. We also do this by creating a blog post that confirms that the influencer endorses your song, and have the influencer refer to the blog post. Influencer includes, Pastors, Teachers, Celebrities, Actor(s,ess),

-Influencer Endorsements – Event: We get a relevant influencer in your song niche. The goal here is to have the influencer invite people on your behalf. In while he/she provides the right incentive to those guests.

-Chorus by Fans: We strategies and implement it for you. The goal is to increase familiarity to your chorus, increase download rate. We achieve this by getting fans of your music into recording video of themselves singing your chorus. With the incentive to publish all the submissions, Tell fans also to wear for example red shirt to snap picture of them, Artist will snap picture with same colour. collage of the pictures will be used as the cover art for the posts, on all the publicity channels. Next we take the good submissions and publish them to youTube (individually, AND a playlist). Individually means putting the names of submitter. We share this also on social media. If the chorus is catchy, the song will gain more fans by doing this. Next we create a blog post about all the submissions and plugin the youTube videos into the posts. At the end of the post, we include a small part of the original chorus. All of the videos will inform prospect to book the artist for a show by using a discount code. e.g FansBook

-Chorus by Fans Contest: Similar the Chorus by Fans. The difference here is that the fans make their recordings with about 3-4 people. Best submission will get an incentive. An exclusive (not the commercial) album copy of the CD, i.e. with photo shoot session of the artist. With printed lyrics.

-What the song means to me: The goal of this strategy is to create a buzz about the song, and also to connect with the fans. We mobilize the fans to write how the song makes them feel.

-Chorus acoustic competition: The goal of this strategy is to increase familiarity with the chorus, and to build a database of fans. The winning videos will be used in the official music video of the artist. All the entry submissions will also be posted both individually and as a collage on all our media outlets. We include the download option to the original song at the end of each of the video submissions. This is only ideal for fans with music affinity. We obtain contacts of submissions and keep in touch with them that way. we

-Acapella competition: The goal of this strategy is to increase familiarity with the chorus. and to build a database of fans. The winning videos will be used in the official music video of the artist. All the entry submissions will also be posted both individually and as a collage on all our media outlets. We include the download option to the original song at the end of each of the video submissions. The difference here is that, anyone can easily be a part of this. Because it doesn’t require a music instrument skill.

-Artist live chat on social media: The artist arranges a live chat session their fans. The goal is to build a close rapport with the fans.
-remix competition: This is different twist to both the acapella and acoustic competitions. We get the applicants to create another version of the song. This song will be recorded together. And the recording session would be sponsored by a music studio in Abuja. This will offer a promotion to the music studio.

-Press release: On all our Platforms, channels, and on 3rd party music platforms, such as external forums.

-Sing locally i.e. We get you places to sing, thus promoting your brand locally. This is the best way to promote your brand locally. The good thing is that, we do not just send you to places to sing, and leave you there. Instead, we come right behind you,we go there with you and give you all the support that is needed to project you as a star. We use our outdoor promotion tactics to project you, in way that earns you respect. Next if your delivery at the venue is audacious, we will negotiate a gigging fee for you at that pub. We have different days with the pubs, e.g. Lovers Wednesday, Friday TGIF. so irrespective of the mood of your song, we have a place for you to perform. Please this is currently available only in Abuja.

So these are not all that we have.
We have other music promotion strategies and tactics. You could do them by yourself, but why not hire the brain behind the ideas?
smart decision right? yes go for it.
Order Now.