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Failure to prepare adequately, is a direct path to failure.

The Indies Kitchen is a music rehearsal studio. It is a pre-recording studio.

A demo studio where upcoming musicians and indie artists can plan, arrange and demo their song, before the booking of the expensive advanced studio.

To operate as a semi-formal studio, is a deliberate strategy.

This strategy is not the common approach. It is like a community development project. It will impact the upcoming musicians positively.

Indies Kitchen is designed to support the upcoming musicians arround, by offering subsidized song demoing and recordings.

The vision, is to provide a mini-formal — semi-formal studio environment.

A place where, musicians can cook their songs with peace of mind, before proceeding to a major recording studio.

In other words, they can make their mistakes here – without bearing the heavy cost.

We need help with setting up a music rehearsal studio.

We need your help with setting up. This includes:

  • Construction of studio’s demarcation
  • Padding of studio
  • Studio monitors
  • Headphones
  • Studio ventilation
  • Launch marketing materials.

Progress so far: I’m 33% into the project, because we have some of the required studio equipments.

  • Condenser Microphone
  • Sound card
  • Amplifier
  • Digital Audio Workstation
  • MIDi Keyboard
  • Studio operator [works on percentage]

Please join us to make this vision a reality.

Rewards & Loyalty: Carefully planned credits and incentives.

  • Your image etc. On cubicle wallpaper of the studio
  • Get pictures of studio in the making
  • Press release credit on studio’s opening day

Thanks a Million

Indies Kitchen – by good music Africa Inc. A Music rehearsal studio, to support upcoming musicians.

Please donate to support.

All your donations shall be acknowledged

Thank you in advance.

Indies Kitchen – by good music Africa Inc.