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e.g. THIS IS THE AIR I BREATHE – by Michael W. Smith, OGHENE DOH – by Frank Edwards, etc.

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(Christian Songs) Who You Say I Am Lyric Video – Hillsong Worship

Who you say i am lyric video – hillsong worship is an awesome Christian song. Popularly known as the you say Christian song. Get it here 100%. Popularly known as the you say Christian song – funny that it is called that actually. The actual title for this awesome Christian song is Who You Say I am. A song by Hillsong Worship. The Hillsong Worship is known for hit songs. The band bring contemporary pop sensation to the Christian music industry. God deserves … Read More


OGHENE DOH – FRANK EDWARDS. Activate your worship mode. Let this Nigeria Christian Worship song – speak to you, now. Photo credit: Frank Edwards – Christian worship songs FRANK EDWARDS Oghene | The Lyrics | Christian Worship Songs When ever I call, you are there, When ever I pray,Lord you hear me, am not alone,this I know What can I bring to you Lord, but this song of praise Oghene Doh (Lord I priase you) Doh doh doh Ogene Doh For the … Read More

Christian Songs: (Worship Songs) – THIS IS THE AIR I BREATHE

Photo credit: Michael W smith – Christian worship songs This is the air I breathe. This is the air I breath Your holy presence …that’s how the song started. While people singing it, by personalization would sing something like: you are the air I breathe. Whichever way you sing yours, this post has you covered on all your queries for this is the air I breathe. Who Wrote This Is the Air I Breathe? This is the air I breathe, … Read More

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