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Artist Booking in Nigeria: Affordable Artist Booking

Artist Booking in Nigeria can be very expensive You want to book music artists, and still save cost. The best solution we have discovered is using upcoming musicians for your shows. We can help with that. $60,000 was the asking price to book Wizkid for a show in Austria. While booking Davido for the same purpose would cost $50,000. Common question asked by event organizers and show makers is — how can we book a musicians for this show without … Read More

Iceprince Zamani Motivates Fans on Twitter

“Write your own story” Today, August 24, Iceprince Zamani Motivates his Fans on Twitter. As you can see in his quote below. Ice Prince tweeted. “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them! #J2TW #WriteYourStory” – Ice Prince Zamani Just about 8 days ago, Timi Dakolo also wrote 10 words to motivate his fans. I made a comprehensive post about Timi Dakolo 10 point motivation. it’s; very inspiring. In that motivation post. The singer of the … Read More

Updated – New Music Talent Hunt in Nigeria – “Stars Parade” endorsed by Frank Edwards

Talent hunt is always an opportunity, to discover new stars and talents. As a matter of fact, a new star and icon always emerge from every talent hunt, especially the musical talent hunts. “Stars Parade” is new music talent hunt in Nigerian which is coming soon. This New Music Talent Hunt is endorsed by Frank Edwards. The details about the talent hunt is not yet unveiled as its official website is still unveiling. But I guarantee you that frank Edwards, the … Read More

Simple But Powerful motivational words from Timi Dakolo Today – Highly Motivation Words

This post is about Powerful motivational words from Timi Dakolo Today. Not to many musicians (around the world, and not Nigerian musicians either) care about their fans, at least not to care this much; to the extent of giving out this caring motivational words to their fans. Timi Dakolo sure would win one or two more fans, who are able to read this post. This Simple But Powerful motivational words are from Timi Dakolo Today; Highly Motivation Words “TO WHOM IT … Read More

Expect: Songs of inspiration and Motivation, Songs of Love, Songs of Wisdom, Songs of Worship

To all our music lovers, goodmusicAfrica.com wishes to let you know about this quick and important announcement. We want to let you know what to expect from our music website. Expect Songs of Motivation Expect Songs of Love Expect Songs of Wisdom and most importantly, Expects Songs of Worship No other type of songs outside this themes will be accepted into our music promotion website, and other music promotion platforms that belongs to us. You will find out our reason below. … Read More

Donate GMAf.F

Support Good the Good Music Africa Since 2010 , The Good the Good Music Africa has been championing the vision for #Good Musics in Africa. This missions is born because we believe in the potential and influential power in every piece of music. Hence, we believe that if there exist a dedicated channel for the good musics, then we believe that the people including the younger generation will be affected by the inspirational and motivation that they listen to from … Read More

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