6 Song Writing Steps Song Writers Can Use Today

Then this for You. Songs are powerful influencers. And who would not want a good song credited in their name? But in other to maximize your contact with any song writer. Here is one important question you need to answer. In what aspect of song writing do you need help? — Getting your idea. — Writing the lyrics — Arranging the lyrics — Composing the song or — Producing the song. You need to locate where you are first. 1. … Read More

Shocking TRUTH, About The Influence, of Music Promotion Companies

The music industry today Music industry today has gone digital. No doubt about it, we are in the era of digital music. Everyone in the music business knows about this fact. Interestingly, when people are searching for new songs even in this digital age, people are naturally bound to listen to the songs that they like i.e. the songs which appeals to them personally, this choice of selection depends on what appeals to the listener. Such as genre of the … Read More

2 Powerful Vocal Tips for Studio Recording, PLUS 1 Awesome Tip, for Compiling a Music Album

#1 Powerful tip for studio recording:”sing it like you are playing an instrument”#2 Powerful vocal tip for Studio Recording:”Sing it like you want to perform it Live”#1 Tip for compiling your Music Album”Don’t make all songs in an album sound the same; because it will be too long and boring to listeners”Here is todays music advice and important tip that you need to put into consideration when you are arranging your music album. – Don’t make all songs in an … Read More

Updated – New Music Talent Hunt in Nigeria – “Stars Parade” endorsed by Frank Edwards

Talent hunt is always an opportunity, to discover new stars and talents. As a matter of fact, a new star and icon always emerge from every talent hunt, especially the musical talent hunts. “Stars Parade” is new music talent hunt in Nigerian which is coming soon. This New Music Talent Hunt is endorsed by Frank Edwards. The details about the talent hunt is not yet unveiled as its official website is still unveiling. But I guarantee you that frank Edwards, the … Read More

How I Made My Home Music Recording Studio | Make Your Studio

This article is for people who need to setup a music recording studio in their homes. After this post, you will be happy for the “Easy steps – How to Make Your Home Music Recording Studio” As an independent musician, it is usually important that you have a mini home studio that delivers great sounding tracks without breaking your bank account. If you have learned a few chords, composed some melodies and pieced the basics of a full-fledged song, then … Read More

Music has powerful influence on people | Let us influence people positively

  Music is a powerful influential tool. Music can influence people either positively or negatively. if we look around back, we will see that songs has been used to end intense wars and violence. And there has been cases where songs has stimulated people to cause violence. There has been cases where songs has made someone to fall in love, such that whenever a lover remembers that songs, they just start remembering the partner. some people even start to cry. … Read More

Music Studio in Lagos Nigeria

Visit Kobatunm Music Studio in Lagos Nigeria. When you are looking for a music studio in Lagos Nigeria, kobatum music studio, will help you, and mix like a pro. What are others doing differently ? Is it juju they are using ?…I need to be successful this year *It’s always a deep pain when an artist approaches me and tells me that he has recorded over 35 tracks and his songs are not sounding okey, thus, non is fit for … Read More

Listen to the Sound – Obey the sound track – Best song composing resources and ideas

The goal of this writing is to let you know the importance of sensitively listening to the sounds. I know that you want to express your self and show your singing strength. If you are good you would like to show your singing prowess and how much you have melodies inside of you (i am somehow like that). But in a recent training and seminar that i attended #Converge 2015. i learned something new and that is what i am … Read More

How to compose music with Bars and Steps

Either you are creating a melody, or singing or composing a song, it is important that you try to sing until the next bar. In singing, there are bars and beats. 4 beats makes 1 bar. I am writing this music composing tip to show you the importance of enduring until 1 full bar. It is very helpful when you endure until one bar.

Get your song reviewed with a Song Review Services

Song Writing services online | Song Writing services in Nigeria Today I write to you an offer which is guaranteed to make your next song and current music project a big success. Have you ever Been working on a song and you just don’t have the feeling of satisfaction about it. Because you know what a good music sounds like but right now while making your own song, you are just not sure about what it really sounds like. This article … Read More

Music Production and Photography Training for People in Nigeria.

Power to the people ; A sound Engineer’s Note . find some good african tribal music good african music artists some good african songs best african music traditional african music best african songs famous african songs popular african songs ”Create and share your Joy to the world in a very happy vibe” . What is power ? According to wikipedia , “Power is the ability to influence or control the behavior of people…In business, power is often expressed as being … Read More

Song Writing Service in Nigeria and Online | lyrics and song composing service in Nigeria

Lyrics and song composing service Starting from January, 2015 the good MUSIC Africa crew led by me Ola will start writing songs including lyrics, chorus, melody, complete verses to meet the growing demands from our audience from all around the world. We have the human resources to render this song writing service effectively For unlimited good music and song writing services in Nigeria and in Africa,  Contact for a free trial if you are really serious and committed about your … Read More

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