To Inspire Indie Music Artists

The Indies Inspire seeks to inspire you. We understand that motivation are like wings, they help you fly. We created this category to help you fly high.

We do this in creative ways. e.g. through biographies and discographies of emerging DIY musicians from all across the music industry. listed below are more tactics we use to inspire the independent musicians.

  • Discographies of successful artists
  • Biographies of successful artists
  • News and Trends on "Paradigm Shift in the Music Industry" e.g. streaming.
  • Hit Music Only: Good music always sells "The Global Potency of Good Music" #HitMusicOnly #AnalysingHitSongs #YouCanToo
  • News updates on emerging Indie musicians.
  • Inspiring Quotes for the unsigned musicians
  • We inspire you to step to the street to experience the life of a street musician

"There has never been a more exciting time to be in the music industry" - Willard Ahdrtiz

This is going to be an adventurous. Start using the Blog Posts To Inspire Indie Artists


Welcome to INDIES INSPIRE. An inspirational program for the independent artist, unsigned musicians across the globe. We just want to inspire and motivate the independent artists.

This program collects inspiration from other unsigned artist across the music industry, especially those who have successful music projects. Our team employs our creative writing skills, to present their stories to you, in a way that leaves you inspired, and fired up. Discover the biography and discographies of successful musicians around. INDIES INSPIRE promises to inspire every indie artist.

Apart from inspiring discographies of musicians, The following are some other major highlights, the inspire program will be covering:

  1. “Paradigm Shift in the Music Industry” …”Here is our opportunity, seize it”
  2. “Discover the unlimited potential of a well written song” …”good music always sells” (pick albums of artist)
  3. “Analysing popular hit song”. We motivate you, so you can understand their fundamental winning logics. So you can make hit songs too.
  4. “Analysing music artists, studio session”. We analyse studio session popular music artists so that you can you can be inspired to understand the secret tactics of have a great session in the music studio.
  5. We MOTIVATE you to make energetic live performances by #Analysis

4 We MOTIVATE you to step to the street to experience the life of a street musician

To Support Indies Music Artists

Indies Support is a resource directory for unsigned musicians. Indies Support category is your pool of valuable music resources. such as: music software and tools, music industry connections, downloadable guides e.t.c.

No doubt, the Indie Support is proof of our commitment, to the community of independent musicians.

We support by:

  • Giving to you
  • Connecting you
  • Recommending to you

By using the resources and tools, you gain money and time. You focus on what matters; which is creating hit Music.

Visit Blog Posts To Support Indie Artists, to discover the best music guides, music industry connections, resources tools for music artists.


Welcome to our INDIE SUPPORT. It is a care program to assist independent artist, and unsigned musicians across the globe. Here we provide the best music resources and guides. Thus making your music career, a smoother ride.

We support you with Music RESOURCES, Music Connections, Music GUIDES. Bearing in mind that,
“Support” is bearing ALL or PART of the weight. Support is to give assistance to someone, especially financially, thus enabling to function, or act. So what we do here is we give money in disguise. We give discounts, on best music TOOLS, SERVICES.

INDIE SUPPORT promises to offer valuable resources and tools to indie artist, irrespective of your current level in your indie music career.Writing your song, recording your song, making the buzz, performing the song, marketing your song. The Indies support has a resource to support you.

Here are what you can expect from the INDIES SUPPORT PROGRAM: We Give, We Connect you, and we Recommend.


“Importance of Mission Statement in Music Career Goals” i.e. What is even your goal?

“Careers in the Music Industry”: We create a glossary reference, on the types of jobs in the music industry.

“Importance of Having your a Brand Website as a music artist: A case study of lekanA’s single” …you can promote yourself! -> Download our free guide to having a successful Indie Website.

We also create a glossary reference, on the Music industry terms … Music industry fundamentals
We give C.C Music software’s (with guides on how to use them)
We give custom free loops
We give our Guide to effective Personal Website for indie musicians. (branding, emotions transfer, landing pages, SEO, creating Touring list!! outsourcing it, doing it yourself to safe cost etc. : importance of having it.
We give our Guide to Why you STILL need to play a music instrument.
We give our Guide to Home studio guide, Why you need an home studio (sold out, big sign of commitment, make all the try and errors you can make, explore you creativity, out grow studio fright, arrange your songs before studio time, save you time in the studio, monetize your home studio for other, expand your potential of collaboration)
We give our Guide on How to sing to a ready made professional beat/soundtrack.
-We give our guide to “Electronic Press Kit – EPK” – Why you need it, and how to create a professional EPK.
We give our premium indie consultation, for free every Thursday 1pm – 4pm, Skype, GMT.
We give our guide and strategies to street music.

We Connect you to affordable music studios (affiliated, discounted): We use content marketing i.e. blogging about good music studios by cities. This can be an external project called music studio by cities.
We Connect you to local, international non stop DJ’s (affiliated, discounted)
We Connect you to online, terrestrial Radio stations (affiliated, discounted)
We Connect you to local place to sing (LPS). (Hotels, Pubs etc. Abuja only)
We Connect you to music competitions around you
We Connect you to digital music distribution
We Connect you to CD production (world standard)

We recommend ready made Western professional soundtracks on
We recommend music equipments (links: why you STILL need to play a Music Instrument)
We recommend lesson on music instruments (Affiliated, Discounted)
We recommend best music software’s
We recommend affiliate-product, guide to Professional Home studio.
We recommend our Online-Course/eBook. “A-Z Music Career For Indie’s” – lekanA
A-Z Creating good music independently – like lekana
We recommend ready made Nigeria professional soundtracks on Afro beat marketplace:

These resources and guides, will save you money, and time, so you can have more time, to focus on your music, as an independent musician.

And If you need additional support, that is not found on this page, please check our full list, of valuable music services for independent artists.