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This music platform is committed to independent musicians i.e. indie music artists. Good news:

Instead of gatekeepers deciding what fans should listen to, now the fans drive what they want to listen to." Thanks to streaming

We acknowledge the efforts and talents of all musicians without a major record label, And we want to join you on this journey, to assist you, to become successful in your quest for a blooming music career. We want to be a part of your success story. We want to grow with you till the mega stage; with your name in shining lights, and your songs making positive impact globally. We want to be there for you all the way.

"You are not alone any more as an independent artists, now you have a reliable music friend"

Our team has the essential skills, knowledge and experience, that you need, to become successful as an Artist without a record Label.

Our Vision

"To see indie musicians living successfully and happily, without a record label"

Our Mission Statement

To use our Knowledge and Experience, Skills and Network from the music industry, to: inspire, promote, serve and support 1000 successful indie artist.

Because of what we do, we are becoming the #1 grooming ground for the Indie Music Artists. We Offer the best music tools and resources e.g. music softwares: for android, iPhone, PC or Mac, Royalty free beats and instrumentals e.t.c.

"We are in an era of digital music distribution, and consumption. You can become the next superstar Indie Music Artist, irrespective of your location around the world" - GMAF


With our carefully selected contents, we support and assist independent artist. The independent musicians, unsigned artists, and song creators need regular supports. And motivations to keep making songs.

That is why we created this support page for music artists. We put in-front of you the best music resources and guides, so that your music career can be an easier ride.

 We Give: Free music resources, tools and guides
 We Connect: To music industry stake holders.
 We Recommend: Paid music resources, tools and guides

From writing your songs, to recording your songs, to promoting your songs, to performing your song, and marketing your song. Our Indie Support category has a resource to advance your music career

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Best Music software's.

  • DAW
  • Song writing
  • & more

Royalty free music loops

Latest Grants for musicians

Musician Guides on:

  • Strategies for street music.
  • Importance of Mission Statement in Music Career Goals
  • Why you STILL need to play a music instrument.
  • Home studio guide. (Why you need an home studio: A big sign of commitment, explore your creativity, out grow studio fright, arrange your songs before studio time, saves you time in the studio, monetize your home studio for others artists, increases your chances for collaboration)
  • How to make hit songs using ready made beats, instrumentals or soundtrack.
  • Electronic Press Kit - EPK (Why you need it, and how to create a professional EPK)
  • Why artists need a personal website (branding, multiple landing pages, creating touring list.
  • Music Industry Terms & Glossaries
  • Strategies for you to get free radio airplays
  • Studio delivery
  • Live performance

Music Artist Consultation (free on Thursday 1pm - 4pm via Skype)


Music educators and teachers

  • Playing music instruments
  • Song Writing

Musical instrument manufacturers

  • Latest Sony Headphones
  • Latest Behringer headphones.

Music Softwares

  • DAW
  • Song writing
  • & more

Best Instrumental and Beats

  • & more

Premium Music Guides and Books:

  • Setting up your Professional Home studios
  • A-Z Music Career for Indies artists
  • A-Z song creation for independent artists


Email Collection and management by city / country: This is a pilot concept by Indies Inspire. The goal of this concept is to create opportunities for you, to perform in other countries. This is a long term project. so patience is required, thus, it is not rendered as one of our promotion services. It is one of our Indie Music Consultation (IMC) services. Email Collection by Country. To do this, first you need to have one or more Hit track(s) preferably in the language that they speak in your desired country. (you should translate your song into that language, if it is not already in it.) Next you need to pitch to the offline influencers. The pitch would contain your Electronic Press Kit - EPK, and could be sent via email or a post office package. The offline influencers could be pub owners, DJ's NGO's music promoters, event organizers, corporate event sponsors, festival organizers, carnival organizers etc. Next you need to initiate the audacity, to ask the influencers talk about you to their audience, or committee. Again if its an hit song, then the influencers, would tell them to sign up if they would like to have you around. If the poll reaches a range of 100, then you are good to go!

The second approach to achieving the foreign gig, while you are still an independent artist, is to grow and build your sign up list independently online. The first requirement for that is that you have created hit songs, not only hit songs, but songs that has connected to the emotions of prospects. Next you need to pitch your music to music blogs and forums in that country. i.e. the online influencers, submit you