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Instead of gatekeepers deciding what fans should listen to, now the fans drive what they want to listen to." Thanks to streaming

We acknowledge the efforts and talents of all musicians without a major record label, And we want to join you on this journey, to assist you, to become successful in your quest for a blooming music career. We want to be a part of your success story. We want to grow with you till the mega stage; with your name in shining lights, and your songs making positive impact globally. We want to be there for you all the way.

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Our team has the essential skills, knowledge and experience, that you need, to become successful as an Artist without a record Label.

Our Vision

"To see indie musicians living successfully and happily, without a record label"

Our Mission Statement

To use our Knowledge and Experience, Skills and Network from the music industry, to: inspire, promote, serve and support 1000 successful indie artist.

Because of what we do, we are becoming the #1 grooming ground for the Indie Music Artists. We Offer the best music tools and resources e.g. music softwares: for android, iPhone, PC or Mac, Royalty free beats and instrumentals e.t.c.

"We are in an era of digital music distribution, and consumption. You can become the next superstar Indie Music Artist, irrespective of your location around the world" - GMAF