Christian Songs: Worship Songs, Praise Songs
Christian Songs

Christian Songs, to activate your worship mode. e.g. THIS IS THE AIR I BREATHE – by Michael W. Smith, OGHENE DOH – by Frank Edwards, etc. Browse for top Worship songs, And also top Praise songs.

List of Happy Birthday Songs | Top 7
Best Birthday Songs for Friends and Family: Top 7 Happy Birthday Songs

Most famous birthday songs, for birthday celebration. It is always someone’s birthday. And it may become tasking to find a modern list, of popular birthday songs. More challenging is it if the lyrical content is important to you. And I can understand why, – majority of us grew up with that traditional birthday music – “Happy birthday to you – Happy birthday to you – happy birthday to you MY FRIEND – happy birthday to you – how old are … Read More

How To Write Popular Songs Song writing for Everyone 2
How To Write Popular Songs | Song Writing Tips for Anyone

How To Write Songs: Writing Top Songs Worldwide 1 Anyone can write a popular Song? – a song that people will love to listen to. However, the BIG question is – how can just about anyone do this. What is the guaranteed method that you can you use to write a popular hit song? To answer that question, you need to locate where you are on the step-by-step process of creating an hit song. Lets go through the 6 steps… … Read More

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